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Bowl 'Em Over!

today i'm sharing a crazy repurposed decor idea
that will really SCORE:
use a bowling ball as a flower vase!
* start with a spiffy bowling ball, like the HOT PINK one shown above
or spray paint one in any color you want!
clean it up with windex, and then rub just a drop of olive oil into it
so it shines!

* sit the ball on top of a vase, urn, planter, or other object that will hold it in place
[you really don't want a heavy bowling ball 
to roll off of your table]
either use a heavy base, or fill it with sand or stones to weight it.

* make sure that the three fingerholes on the ball are facing upward.
place three plastic floral tubes down into the three holes
and add water - fill them about halfway
then insert your cut flower stems...
 flowers from the grocery store or the roadside are PERFECT for this -
we're not talking long-stemmed red roses for this look!

* you could also insert long taper candles into the floral tubes without water,
making the bowling ball a candleholder instead!

and that's all there is to it:
a fun, fast, inexpensive centerpiece or accent
that will literally BOWL THEM OVER!

shared online:

(2021) funky junk interiors | diy salvaged junk projects #563

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