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Spice Up Your Winter Decor with Black!

my last post showed the winter decor in my Cottage, all in tones of brown, tan, and white.
the photos here show the same rooms in another year,
where BLACK was added to the scheme for graphic impact and a fresh new look.

like adding a dash of black pepper to a recipe,

a fresh coat of black (or color) paint on a few accessories
can really change the flavor of a room
and spice up your winter decor!

this vintage victrola cabinet has been re-purposed as a bar
and the black paint makes the sparkling glass and silver accessories POP

 painting the chairs, lamp base, chandelier, and mirror frames 
added just the right modern touch to the dining room.
[here's my tip on painting chandeliers:
use Krylon Appliance Spray Paint in gloss finish. No primer needed.
use two LIGHT COATS and let dry completely in between. FLAWLESS finish!]

the victrola 'bar' cabinet was a great addition to the next house we lived in,
joining a newly-refurbished black buffet in the dining room...
and yes, i made the glam lampshades myself. i LOVED those!
okay, so maybe you don't want to PAINT anything black.
that's okay!
what about using black in small accessories that are easily changed?
what about using your DISHES?

take a look at how bringing a few of those everyday items out 
and putting them on display in your home
can really spice up your winter decor!
the damask-pattern mugs and plate came from Marshalls
and the stack of art-deco border plates is vintage.
all of the other pieces are clear or white, but your EYE goes to the black patterns!


  1. You are speaking my language sweet friend! I think every room needs a little splash of black. :)

  2. Oh- It all looks just lovely. I think the black splashes are so traditional and yet, trendy, too. You just can't go wrong- xo Diana

  3. I for one love the touches of black, I think it looks classy with the white. Did I miss a post about that clock/sign/old wood? I'm gonna have to pin it regardless!


  4. Miss Bliss, nope, you didn't miss a post! Here are the deets on that project:

    The background piece is an old wood plank door, cleaned up and then hung horizontally on the wall (screwed into stud,natch). However, I think the same effect could be achieved using pallet boards!

    Then the two salvaged traffic signs (those actually hung in our son's room when he was a teenager!) and the 60's-era schoolhouse clock (broken, doesn't work, no glass - got it for ten bucks from a fellow vintage dealer) were screwed into the front of the door.

    Mounting them together was a great way to take three small pieces and give them a bigger impact in the room!

  5. I have to agree black is a wonderful contrast with whites!Beautiful photos and inspiration!

  6. Black and white are my favorite colors. What pretty room, the black chairs, cabinet, love it all