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Sweater-Covered Vases

 I love sharing creative ideas for EASY seasonal decor... like
wrapping thrifted glass vases with sweaters!

Way back in 2007, I saw a great idea for these on green design pro Danny Seo's blog,
and I created some of my own using hot pink and chartreuse green angora sweaters.
Sadly, I've lost the photos of both Danny's AND mine :(

...obviously this idea really appeals to me, 'the sweater queen'!
it's a great way to 'cozy up' accessories for winter... and SO EASY
that I've done this every winter, in many color combinations

i use the entire arm of a sweater to cover various sizes of glass cylinder vases
 you simply cut the sleeve off of a sweater, and slide it over a glass cylinder vase.
pull the sleeve all the way up the vase for a smooth look,
or scrunch it down like legwarmers for more texture.

small children's sized sweaters work well over drinking glasses as votive candle holders
regular adult sizes fit well over almost every size of medium or tall cylinder vases

the largest vase pictured needed a different approach to surround it with a sweater arm,
because it was too wide for a sweater arm to slip over it.

here's what i did:
 while I prefer to stick with my pale neutral palette,
you can use any color and texture sweater for this project -
though thicker textures work best on larger vases.
[be sure to keep flammable fabric away from candle flames]

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  1. Cute, cute, cute. What a great idea. I hope you are joining some blog parties with those. xo Diana

  2. Deb, your creativity knows no end, does it? You continue to surprise us!

    I think these would make such fun tea cozies, too. I've been wanting one for my endless cups of winter tea but not finding time to make one. But using your sweater idea, I might be able to whip one up. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. LOVE this idea! So cozy! I featured you today in my Friday I'm In Love favorites!



    Jenn @ Social Salutations

  4. What a FUN idea! This is just perfect for winter decorating...thanks for sharing the idea. I saw your post over at "Common Ground".

  5. they look all warm and cozy...just adorable! Love your version!

  6. I just love this idea. I'm wondering if I could also make a mug warmer using a felted wool sweater. You have given me an idea. Thank you.

  7. ok, THIS is what i love! 'you've given me an idea!' - that's exactly what i want to do!!! get inspired and then get creative, girls ;0)

    and thanks so much for leaving comments...