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Fast, Cheap & Easy: framed sweaters as art!

 well, before we move off of the sweater subject, 
i gotta' share THIS ONE with you:

framed sweaters as art!

this came about one day when i was working on a wall assemblage of mirrors and frames:

 i didn't like that the scrolly little frame was empty...
so i had to 'do something' with it.

which, generally, is how the best projects start!

so i grabbed a vintage cashmere sweater that i had, 
which had an embellished beaded snowflake on it
and cut that part of the sweater out.
i STAPLED it to a piece of cardboard to fit the frame.
then popped it into the frame
and hung it back up on the wall.

and now i can't find a photo of that wall collage when it was finished. 
i don't live there anymore, so.... just imagine it on the wall, ok?!

of course you could use any fabric, any motif, in any season, to create this.
you could embellish the fabric yourself, too.
i just happen to be a lil' bit crazy about sweaters!


  1. That is an adorable idea! Love the texture in the mix!!

  2. I've seen this picture a few times today...on FB, and thought it was a stencil!
    Once again, you've blown me away with your creativity!
    Thanks for sharing Deb!