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Warm Winter Whites

 making use of what we've got on hand or can get for a bargain makes decorating fun!

gathering together some items in tones of white 
was the starting point for some fresh winter decor over my desk...
i started with what i have on hand - everyday stuff and craft supplies -
then i picked up four new items, and spent about half an hour arranging them all.

what i already had on hand

vintage sheet music, postcard, and white-bound book
scrolly white picture frame seen in this post
vintage ivory carnations and new silk tulips
the sweater-wrapped bar glass with candle from this post
vintage white rosary
white ironstone & ceramic creamers, white ceramic coffee cup,
and white milk glass slipper
tiny ivory doily and the resin crystal in the small creamer
two white shelves on the wall

what i added

three felt snowflakes
[these are christmas ornaments, found on sale at target for 50 cents each!]
one white scalloped dessert plate with a snowflake pattern on it
[found on sale at HOMEgoods for $2.99]

what i spent: $4.50
[and THAT is why it pays to hit the after-Christmas sales!
you can find all kinds of things to use for winter decor] 
the shelves hang over my desk, and are a great place to play with small seasonal changes.
you don't always have to do big things to make a big impact!
in a small room like my office, this is enough.
by mixing up various shades of white and cream, and several textures, 
it becomes a three-dimensional collage to play with...
a close up of the small plate from HOMEgoods reveals 
the 'damask'-like tone-on-tone snowflake pattern
vintage sheet music and books make a warm backdrop for the white felt snowflakes
and this charming glass slipper
this photo looks dark, but i actually wanted it lit this way...
 it highlights the engraved print on the sweater-wrapped bar glass.
i paid 45 cents for that glass at a Goodwill store over ten years ago!

what do you have on hand already that you could gather up
and use to create a fresh new grouping?
clear crystal? white ironstone? or perhaps some vibrant colored glass?
take a look in your cupboards and see what is waiting there!
another thing i did with the 50 cent snowflake ornaments was add them to a wreath!

this cozy wreath was made by simply wrapping a long scarf around a straw form,
and then embellishing it with the dangling crystal and the snowflake for winter
(i made the scarf by sewing scraps of various sweaters together into a patchwork)

you can find the easy step-by-step instructions on my tutorial page.
[no, it's not my original idea! but it's a GOOD idea, 
and i love to share those, too!]

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  1. Your vignette looks beautiful! I LOVE whites!

  2. Your warm winter whites look beautiful. You put things together beautifully- xo Diana