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Warm Winter Decor

 today i am simply sharing these images of one my past homes
[known as 'the Cottage']
showing some easy ways to warm up your winter rooms using color and texture

the decor in these images show how the room was decorated
immediately following the holiday decor scheme seen in this post

 you'll see some of those holiday elements re-used in a new way
 to lighten up the rooms and make them warm and inviting, 
while remaining spacious and uncluttered.
it's a great way to start off the year!
simple elements and color add comfort and warmth
that wrap around you like a cashmere sweater
the mantel's arrangement of branches brings nature into the composition
and a collection of quirky letter K's adds interest without clutter
i collect letters from everywhere, and i also make them myself:

*a K cookie cutter, painted black
*a clear glass cylinder vase with a cursive k painted on with a paint pen

*a carpenter's ruler forms a K
*a cursive k cut from a piece of vintage sheet music
*a chipboard K covered with white glitter

a quick-change of the lampshades on the chandelier and the addition of clear crystals to bounce light
branches, pine cones, and bird nests bring the feeling of the winter woods indoors

if you aren't into neutrals
[and that's perfectly fine!]
it would be easy to replace the dark brown and tan colors in this room 
with bright or pastel hues - and you'd have a completely different look!


  1. Love all of your natural elements that you have brought into your home! It looks wonderful!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. You are hands down the most GIFTED decorator and store designer. Love your positive vibe in all circumstances and your infallible sense of style.

    Sending you warm hugs, Deb. Wishing you all the best.

  3. It is warm, welcoming and very cozily beautiful! xo Diana

  4. oh, Sharyn, you are hands-down the most gifted commenter in all of Christendom! Thank you so much for your kind words...

    Interestingly enough, I saw the first photo in this post pinned on Pinterest, with the added caption: 'a touch of yellow for January to remind us that spring is coming'... and I had to look at the photo in a different way to see that. It's not really yellow, it's the golden color of the light from the candlestick lamps and the flames in the fireplace!

    Hey, as long as it INSPIRES, it's alllll good!