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warm new year greetings

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happy new year, my friends!
i hope 2023 finds you healthy and happy...

every year, i learn something new. sometimes MANY somethings.
and this past year, i think i could sum up what i learned as:
"sometimes, you just have to do the thing."

this winter i've added a new element to my studio, shown in the photo above -
it's a heater that looks like a wood stove, 
and it works perfectly in tandem with my fake fireplace mantel built in 2020!

i had been thinking about doing this for over a month, but put it off.
(procrastination is my biggest challenge, seriously.)
then in Mid-December the temps dropped waaaaay lower than normal,
and my studio windows frosted over.
sometimes nature gives us a lil' helping hand to get us moving.

continue reading to learn more about my solution...


cozy yarn winter flowers

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it's still winter, and i'm staying warm in my studio
while working on some new spring decor projects for future posts...
but in the meantime,
i'd love to share one last winter project to finish off February!

i'm calling these 'yarn flowers', made by combining winter elements
with a few stems of faux flowers to create this fun bouquet. 
(and yes, my new favorite loopy white yarn IS in there!)
it's an easy, creative way to add some whimsy to these cold days...

continue reading to see the details...


winter tablescape + diy candle wrap

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since my focus for this new year is 'create . decorate . celebrate',
i'm making a concerted effort to do little things for myself more often
in 'celebration' of life and home.
case in point: making an effort to make mealtime more intentional,
 and setting a pretty spot to enjoy it!

cultivating this one habit is an opportunity to step away from the computer
and enjoy some nutritional food, nice music or the sounds of birds outdoors,
and moments of gratitude a few times each day.
it's important to me to make space for that,
and i think often we need a reminder that we don't have to save the nice china for visitors...
we should make the effort even if it's 'just' for ourselves. we're worth it!

continue reading for simple ways to set a pretty table... plus an easy DIY candle wrap!


my FAVE winter decor projects

all of the Christmas decor is packed up, and i've been thinking about winter decorating
and all of the many ways i've 'warmed up' my homes every winter over the years...
 some of those projects have been successful several times in more than one home
as i re-create them in new versions + colorways.

over the past ten years of blogging here at homeward found decor,
i've shared hundreds of my original diy home decor projects
in 733 posts since i launched this blog in August 2012.

if you've been reading my blog for the past decade, THANK YOU FRIENDS!
if you're new here, i hope you enjoy discovering some of my past creations
as i share a look back... 

continue reading for some of my FAVE winter decor projects!


why 'seasonal' decorating?

winter, spring, summer, fall, autumn, holiday, seasonal, decorating, home decor, diy,  diy decorating, seasonal decor, room makeover, restyled, decorating on the cheap
i get that question a lot: "why do you change your home decor with the season?"

it's not such a foreign concept, really. most people do this at certain points in the year -
Halloween, Christmas, Fourth of July, Easter.
they bring out decor elements that are specific to those holidays to enhance their enjoyment.
i grew up with a Mom who did that, making holidays special.

decorating for winter, spring, summer, and autumn is a similar approach...
simple, subtle changes in color and accessories can make a dramatic difference
in how a room feels, and how i live in it.

for example, the room shown above... it's filled with warm neutral hues and soft textures,
the perfect place to cozy up on a rainy fall day.
but i wouldn't want to live in it like that during a hot summer!
with a few simple changes, the mood shifts and the room feels appropriate to the season.
every season brings a new design scheme, refreshing the space and me with new energy. 
and when i say 'new design scheme', i'm not talking totally redecorating a room.
i'm not advocating spending a bundle - of money OR time - several times a year.
easy changes - swapping out colorful accessories and bringing in touches of nature - 
are my main methods for bringing the beauty of a new season indoors.

it doesn't take a lot of money or effort to get results like this - just imagination!
continue reading to see the room above change through the seasons of a year...


cozy yarn-wrapped candles

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you may have spied these in my last post...
they're a new take on one of my fave early projects:
sweater-wrapped vases. only these are yarn-wrapped vases!

they are a fun way to cozy up your home decor in wintertime.
this material has the effect of fluffy white powder snow that is perfect for the season.

continue reading for the easy how-to AND an important safety tip...


it's a 'Sweet Sweater Season' holiday!

Christmas,Christmas Decor,Christmas Decor Themes,holiday,winter,decorating,diy decorating,DIY,seasonal,colorful home,color palettes,Pantone color of the year,color,sweaters,sweet sweater season,sweater weather,thrifted sweaters,sweater crafts
well, here we are, friends.... the holiday season is upon us!
i've been giving this year's theme a great deal of thought over the past months,
and have come up with something that isn't what you might expect to see.

i've decided to COMBINE holiday decor with winter decor!

combining two seasons into one ('holinter'??!)
means simplifying and focusing on creating decor that isn't specifically 'holiday'...
the goal is to S T R E T C H the decor impact from December all the way into February
so that i don't have to spend two weeks at the start of a new year
dealing with taking down the holiday stuff and putting out all-new winter stuff.

i really don't need more stuff.
i want less not more work after the holiday season!
i want more time for fun days on my brand new calendar,
and more time for reading and long winters' naps by the fire. or pool. whatever!
and this season, i'm making it happen.

are you in?! 

...continue reading for some sweet sneak peeks!


Winter Whites Inspiration

 Winter has arrived!
And even though it looks much better while sitting inside looking out, 
I love the fresh, clean, crisp look of a snow-covered landscape...
the soft, pale winter color palette inspires me.

In winter, choose subtle, soft, and misty neutrals for your rooms...
tones like gray, charcoal, chocolate, white, vanilla, and pale blue.
Then add sparkle with clear glass, mirrors, and shining silver.
This creates a beautifully serene background,
to which you can add the warmth of red, the softness of pink -
or perhaps the 'of the moment' Radiant Orchid lavender.

Start by gathering the elements that reflect the colors and surfaces of Winter:

Then combine them to express the mood of Winter:

These settings all include vintage, antique, and repurposed furnishings & decor,
because that's my own particular style...
but it's just as easy to combine mid-century modern and contemporary pieces
to create a seasonal  'Winter' mood in your home!

 Even the most humble things can become a decorative element...
 Stay warm!

"Baby It's Cold Outside" Chalkboard Printable by The Everyday Home
 [ found on Pinterest ]

Find more of my winter decor posts by clicking on the 'Winter Decor' sidebar tab >

shared online:

Style Sisters | Centerpiece Wednesday


Warm Winter Whites

 making use of what we've got on hand or can get for a bargain makes decorating fun!

gathering together some items in tones of white 
was the starting point for some fresh winter decor over my desk...
i started with what i have on hand - everyday stuff and craft supplies -
then i picked up four new items, and spent about half an hour arranging them all.

what i already had on hand

vintage sheet music, postcard, and white-bound book
scrolly white picture frame seen in this post
vintage ivory carnations and new silk tulips
the sweater-wrapped bar glass with candle from this post
vintage white rosary
white ironstone & ceramic creamers, white ceramic coffee cup,
and white milk glass slipper
tiny ivory doily and the resin crystal in the small creamer
two white shelves on the wall

what i added

three felt snowflakes
[these are christmas ornaments, found on sale at target for 50 cents each!]
one white scalloped dessert plate with a snowflake pattern on it
[found on sale at HOMEgoods for $2.99]

what i spent: $4.50
[and THAT is why it pays to hit the after-Christmas sales!
you can find all kinds of things to use for winter decor] 
the shelves hang over my desk, and are a great place to play with small seasonal changes.
you don't always have to do big things to make a big impact!
in a small room like my office, this is enough.
by mixing up various shades of white and cream, and several textures, 
it becomes a three-dimensional collage to play with...
a close up of the small plate from HOMEgoods reveals 
the 'damask'-like tone-on-tone snowflake pattern
vintage sheet music and books make a warm backdrop for the white felt snowflakes
and this charming glass slipper
this photo looks dark, but i actually wanted it lit this way...
 it highlights the engraved print on the sweater-wrapped bar glass.
i paid 45 cents for that glass at a Goodwill store over ten years ago!

what do you have on hand already that you could gather up
and use to create a fresh new grouping?
clear crystal? white ironstone? or perhaps some vibrant colored glass?
take a look in your cupboards and see what is waiting there!
another thing i did with the 50 cent snowflake ornaments was add them to a wreath!

this cozy wreath was made by simply wrapping a long scarf around a straw form,
and then embellishing it with the dangling crystal and the snowflake for winter
(i made the scarf by sewing scraps of various sweaters together into a patchwork)

you can find the easy step-by-step instructions on my tutorial page.
[no, it's not my original idea! but it's a GOOD idea, 
and i love to share those, too!]

shared online:
common ground |  be inspired friday 


Warm Winter Decor

 today i am simply sharing these images of one my past homes
[known as 'the Cottage']
showing some easy ways to warm up your winter rooms using color and texture

the decor in these images show how the room was decorated
immediately following the holiday decor scheme seen in this post

 you'll see some of those holiday elements re-used in a new way
 to lighten up the rooms and make them warm and inviting, 
while remaining spacious and uncluttered.
it's a great way to start off the year!
simple elements and color add comfort and warmth
that wrap around you like a cashmere sweater
the mantel's arrangement of branches brings nature into the composition
and a collection of quirky letter K's adds interest without clutter
i collect letters from everywhere, and i also make them myself:

*a K cookie cutter, painted black
*a clear glass cylinder vase with a cursive k painted on with a paint pen

*a carpenter's ruler forms a K
*a cursive k cut from a piece of vintage sheet music
*a chipboard K covered with white glitter

a quick-change of the lampshades on the chandelier and the addition of clear crystals to bounce light
branches, pine cones, and bird nests bring the feeling of the winter woods indoors

if you aren't into neutrals
[and that's perfectly fine!]
it would be easy to replace the dark brown and tan colors in this room 
with bright or pastel hues - and you'd have a completely different look!


NEW! Sweet Sweater Candles

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Merry Christmas Eve!
today i'm sharing a craft project that came to mind LAST year -
i just didn't make them until this year!
this decor element is a fun way to use scraps of sweaters - and even some TRASH! -
but is also meaningful to me.

for me, Christmas is about Jesus' birth,
and celebrating the light that He brought into a world mired in darkness.

i love adding extra twinkle lights to my home in the dark days of winter,
lighting candles, and having a fire in the fireplace (it's faux, but that's ok!).
adding extra warm light sources feels cozy, and also enhances my mood.

continue reading to see just how easy making these faux candles is...


color your winter decor

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let's face it. we're all facing the same 'post holiday decor question':
what do i do NOW?
my house looks so empty after the Christmas decor is down.
do i do winter decor? if i really don't want to go with a 'snowy' look, how do i DO that?
or do i jump right to spring - or stop off for a short visit at Valentine's Day?

if you think that i don't ask those same questions, think again!
honestly? i struggle with the whole 'winter wonderland' look...
 i live in the desert in Southern California. it's cold here, but not snowy.
and i need color. the monotone snowy look isn't my jam anymore.
recently, a thought came to me:
color always inspires me, and mother nature never fails to offer inspiration
as each season unfolds with new hues, new color combinations, new life.

thing is, having color in your home doesn't have to look like my holiday theme did - 
a riot of every color in the rainbow. all at the same time.
sometimes, it is the addition of one hue to a soft neutral background
 that adds what i call 'a punctuation point' in a room.
just a touch goes a long way. and it doesn't have to cost a thing!

continue reading to see what is inspiring me this winter...


create a cozy home with repurposed sweaters & blankets

sweaters, thrifted, upcycled, repurposed, trash to treasure, diy decorating, home decor, fleece blankets, cozy decor
on a cold winter-y January day, 
we can always count on a soft sweater and a fuzzy blanket to warm us up.
why not incorporate that into our HOMES?!
in my decor for the winter season, i did exactly that -
and let me tell you, it panned out much better than i ever could have planned!

continue reading to see how a fabulous thrifted find brought it all together...


getting cozy for winter...

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as i 'try on' the palette of white, sunny yellow and soothing gray
in my studio (my 'decorating laboratory'!),
i'm finding it very easy to get whole new look using what i have here at home.
bringing in soft textures (a fleece blanket, sweater-covered pillows)
and references to warmth (a 'fire' in the faux fireplace, candles, warm hues)
makes this space feel much cozier during these cold days of winter.

maybe you're not into the 'color of the year' palette,
but you're ready for a fresh new vibe as the new year begins...
let me show you how to pull together a whole new look using what you already have!

continue reading for some simple decorating tips...


Create a White Spring Tablescape

create a simple white tablescape for spring using what you have on hand with ideas from homewardFOUND decor
Easter and springtime are filled with symbolism of growth and life and celebration...
sometimes winter hangs around a bit longer than we want (like this year!)
yet the white blanket of winter snow covering up signs of spring can inspire, too,
as in this tablescape that combines the freshness of spring blooms with crisp winter white.

continue reading for my one-step trick for making those mini glass domes!


re-purpose glass light globes as candleholders

vintage glass light globes,candleholders,spring decor,spring decorating,vintage lighting,battery candles,vintage,up-cycling,re-purposing,lighting,thrifted,outdoors,salvaged,junk makeover,glass globes,DIY,diy decorating,decorating, flower vases,candles,salvaged materials, diy home decor
i've used glass globes from light fixtures in many ways over the years,
from turning them into pumpkins in fall, making snowmen out of them in winter,
and using them as flower vases in spring.

my favorite globes are the old ones, with ridges and details that catch the light
no matter how you use them... but those are getting really hard to find.

miraculously, i found one on a recent trip to a nearby thrift shop...
and the moment i saw its shape, i knew what i wanted to try with it.
i paired it with another globe and a few more elements,
and they worked just as i had hoped - in TWO different ways! 

continue reading to see how easy this spring/summer decor accent is to create...


Happy Hula Days!

I know it's December, and cold almost everywhere...
but let's time-travel back to the sunny, warm days of June, shall we?

Remember the 'FREE Weekend Makeover' Project here
when I turned my parent's home into a tropical paradise using what they had already?
Mom loves it so much that she wasn't about to remove it all when fall and winter came...
but what do you do about CHRISTMAS with a tropical theme? On a BUDGET?
You turn Christmas into a beach party, that's what!

Stealing an ever-so-charming slogan from retailer Tommy Bahama,
around here, it's now HAPPY HULA DAYS!

take a look at what we did....

 This tall, thin pre-lit faux tree sits next to the fireplace and window,
and is decorated with very simple things we found around the house... and on the patio.
We let the existing color scheme of the room dictate our choices
[ white, aqua/turquoise blue, green, yellow and soft tan ]

The tree topper is a star - a starFISH! Perfect for the beachy theme.
Nestled behind it is a soft blue flower lei and a bright yellow hibiscus flower.

The ornaments on the tree include the gorgeous tassels shown here,
made from silky white yarn and glittered sea urchins.
Garlands are simply shell necklaces, draped across the branches.

You wanna' see 'everyday items' as tree decor? Here ya' go!
Paper drink umbrellas in yellow, green, and blue nestle into the branches next to lights.
The lovely plumeria bloom is actually a foam flower on a barrette - it clips right on!

There are also flat foam flowers in yellow, green, and blue that slide over the branches -
they're actually drink coasters/glass markers!

Actually, the only actual 'ornaments' on the tree are the vintage aqua balls!

The base of the tree is a metal plate, which has been wrapped in an aqua sarong and some fishnet.
Another light blue flower lei tucks into the netting, with some faux white flowers
An ivy plant sits behind it, just to keep the spindly trunk from looking lonely.

Just outside the window by the tree is a humorous last-minute touch....
The thatched 'hula skirt' umbrella on the back patio looked like a tree shape to me.
So I added lights, and moved it here so it's visible from the room.
At night, it glows a warm tan color and really does look like a tree!

[ psssst... Tommy Bahama has 'hula skirt' trees in their stores and catalog right now, too!]

Mom has never done a tree like this before... and she can't stop smiling at it!
Sometimes it just takes a little bit of summer to warm up your winter!