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a Vintage White Christmas

as you might expect from an  
a) decorating enthusiast  b) visual designer & stylist 
and c) owner of fifty-plus tubs of assorted Christmas decor
i try to mix things up every year when i decorate my home.
i love what i have, i just want it to be fresh and interesting each year.

one year, my theme was 'a Vintage White Christmas', 
with some burlap and lace thrown in to echo the popularity of Danish-Euro style...
all this white pine-bough loveliness came about as a last-minute addition to my decor plan!
in the midst of decorating, i went into the local thrift shop [i know, i know....]
where i s
pied two huge plain cardboard boxes labelled
'White Xmas Tree: Part 1 and Part 2'. and they were taped shut
i asked how much for the tree, and was told  
ten bucks - plus 50% off, so a total of FIVE BUCKS.
and you already know what happened next... i said SOLD! so fast it wasn't funny!

the gal cut open the boxes so I could check out the tree, 
and it was a really NICE white nylon tree from the 80's. 8' tall. No lights. 
 Now, I already had a decent white 7' white tree, pre-lit, to use that year......
but here's a hot tip for you:  
NEVER pass up a decent faux tree for a good price.
You may not need another TREE, but you can use the branches for decorating with!
and that's exactly what i did.
instead of using my usual cut greens from outside in the decor,
i stayed with a very light, soft palette and put white branche
on the chandelier, on the buffet, on the dining table, on the tables in the living room, on the entry table...
 everywhere, basically. 

and then i added heaps of ornaments and candles and more to the chandelier 
(and i have to say i just LOVE those fancy blown glass ornaments)
and to the buffet, the dining table, 
the tables in the living room, and the entry table.....  
 filling jars, bowls, serving trays, cake pedestals, and other everyday containers with beautiful ornaments
is an easy way to spread Christmas cheer and your color scheme all through your home
remember my original 'white glass light globe pumpkins' i shared here in my fall posts?

well, THIS is what i do with CLEAR light globes!
i put them into arrangements with greens and ornaments, 
and then tuck a night light on an extension cord inside them.
turn it on, and it glows beautifully - while being very safe.

[i use them outside this way, too, 
and have photos of that to share in another post...]
a sweet way to add 'a little something' to a simple candle: 
a vintage crocheted collar, a silk ribbon and a vintage rhinestone clip earring 
wrapped around a glass hurricane shade.  a candle in a glass jar inside the shade burns safely. 
and because i am truly NEVER 'done' decorating, i made a change after i took the photos...
i put white bubble light bulbs into my chandelier!

my grandma Ward had bubble lights on a tree when i was little, 
and they always bring back sweet memories for me.
these white ones were just too perfect to pass up
[and my grandson LOVED them, so the tradition is passed on!]

this soft, monochromatic Vintage White Christmas theme was so restful
and serves as a basic decor scheme that allows for changes through the years:
the next year, i added seashells for a really beachy theme
and another year, i had a swanky black and white theme...
i'll share those soon!


  1. I simple love your vintage white Christmas decor. I like it when other colors are used in Christmas decor other than the usual reds and greens. I'm using a white tree and accessories with different shades of purple in my great room and also white garland with gold, silver and tones of brown shatter resistant ornaments outside. The look is quite different, but I love it.

  2. Gail, I LOVE the idea of using browns along with metallics!

  3. Love the bubble lights~ it's all beautiful. Merry Christmas, Deb! XO {Donna}

  4. Love your white christmas with the burlap and lace mixed in. So pretty. Where did you find the bubble lights? I really love how they look. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Shannon, I found the white bubble lights at Restoration Hardware's outlet store about five years ago.
    I know that Bronners' Christmas Shop in michigan has them, though - http://www.bronners.com/product/clear-c7-bubble-light-set-of-7.do

    Hope that helps!

  6. Oh Deb, everything is SOOO magical!!!

  7. These are all soooo very beautiful! I love! that chandelier with the crystal ornaments and snowflakes! I must try a version of this, thank you for these pics, so inspirational! lady.