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stuff those stockings with..... forks????

here's an easy way to corral flatware at your holiday table:
stuff a stocking with it!

above, a tiny burlap stocking holds flatware and serves as a placemarker
simply write the name of your guests on manilla tags and clip to the sock with a wooden clothes pin.
you could also write the guests' name ON the stocking -  
and what a sweet take-home gift that would make!

the first time i did this with a small stocking in a holiday decorating seminar, 
the women present tried to steal it out of my display!!!

this tiny red stocking came from the dollar store, and is a great solution for buffet service:
roll napkins, and gather up your flatware in a bundle with a colorful ribbon.
tuck both into the stocking, then place a platter or bowl of them on your buffet serving counter.

makes it easy for guests to grab one after they fill their plates - 
and once again, you can let them take these tiny treats home!
[maybe tuck a hard candy in the toe of the stocking as a surprise!]

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