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Swanky Black & White Holiday Decor

 in one MORE take on mixing up my basic white decor,
this time we've thrown a stark contrast into the recipe: BLACK!
so the crisp whites, warm ivories, and sparkling crystal now has a deeper side ;0)

enjoy the inspiration of this almost Hollywood-chic look,
created using everyday items combined with a few ornaments and very few greens.
it's crisp, clean, and classic...

on the chandelier, above, i loaded up clear crystal and glass ornaments, black beaded garland,
sprayed some resin crystal drops BLACK, and also found some smoky gray crystals just for fun
bringing out my mismatched collection of black and white platters, plates, and cups added to the look
even the wire mannequin in my office got into the 
'Black & White' party spirit...
and on the tree... which looks in this shot to be bare, but really isn't! 
there are a lot of white, ivory and crystal ornaments that aren't showing up from this far away...
 solid black, solid white, and black & white dotted ribbons cascade from the top, 
where a sparkling crystal snowflake sits
 those velvet-embossed ornaments AGAIN (see how many ways they work?!)
and a laser-cut Tord Boontje garland from Tar-Jay
 these are vintage medallions that have been hand-beaded. 
i have no idea what they were originally made for, but they work PERFECTLY as tree ornaments!
[i paid 50 cents each for them at a yard sale!]
 the black shape that you see is printed onto clear acetate pages. 
i bought them at the scrapbooking store, then cut them apart. 
they simply hang from a hook, adding sharp black detail on the white tree...
 ivory ornaments have our family initial drawn on with a black acrylic paint pen. 
i did each of twelve ornaments with a different font...
 dozens of long rectangular acrylic crystals from the most hideous 1970's era chandelier EVER
(we're talking Liberace in Vegas here, kids.... but it was free! )
became beautiful ornaments 
with the addition of black & white scrapbook paper glued to the flat backside.


  1. So pretty white and black are a perfect combination! LOVE those initial ornaments too!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Well, how cool is that?!? What a different, but lovely, take on Christmas. I, too, love the monogrammed ornaments- xo Diana