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'Fast, Cheap & Easy' Last Minute Wrapping

we're down to the last-minute shopping and wrapping, aren't we?!
here's a Fast, Cheap & Easy solution for decorating your packages:
bows? schmoes. let's be more creative!

forget bows and ribbons. find something FUN to put on the front of your packages!
shown here are styrofoam and plastic snowflakes
[from the dollar store, naturally!]
a dot of hot glue or a sticky glue dot holds them onto the paper securely
then add a sticky label on top of the snowflake
and use stickers to spell out the recipient's name.
[ALL available at the dollar store, WalMart, etc]
 this little trick works on bags and on wrapping paper
and through it's a bit late, is a perfect solution for gifts to be shipped - there are no bows to squash!

what else could be used?
paper or felt cutouts, photographs, pages from a coloring book, a pair of fuzzy sox....
what can YOU find?