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Ornament Makeover!

sometimes we have great stuff... stuff we really LOVE
but it just doesn't QUITE FIT what we are doing now in our decor.
or things get a bit worn out, or dated along the way.
that's the time to give it a makeover!

the sweet-faced snowman ornament shown above is a great example,
because he didn't start out like that!

it's a simple white ball ornament, with a drawn-on face
and a miniature clay carrot glued on for a nose.
i made a few dozen for my own tree over a dozen years ago, 
and sent one to my mom that year.
[mine are in storage in Seattle - i found moms at her cabin!]
he had a jaunty red knit cap 
and the box that i packaged him in had a jaunty red knit 'scarf' tied 'round it:
 now, he's still cute. but he's a little bit 'worn' - and his cap came unglued. 
i was going to just fix him, but decided instead to fix him UP!
enter new wardrobe choice:
a creamy ivory knit cap and 'scarf' for the box fits the decor this year
[you know i used scraps from my copious 'Sweater Stash' for this one, right?!]

by slipping a simple decorative hook into the back of his cap, he could hang on a tree.
but i'll probably leave him in the box and sit it on a shelf. 

the box came from Dollar Tree, by the way -
i just drew the same face on it as on the ornament.

i've also spray painted glass and resin ornaments new colors,
added sparkling crystal stickers, and painted letters onto my old ornaments
to make them fresh for a new decor theme! 


  1. So smart! And why shouldn't our ornaments and decor get a new wardrobe now and then? I love it.

  2. you are just soooooooooooo very talented and creative.
    write a book- lots of us will buy it.

    might have been having a phycic moment just then- a voice told me to type that and yes, I am mentally stable but when I hear that voice, I have to say so.

  3. HI Deb! Just love your blog....such cute and creative, along with inexpensive ideas!

  4. Lol love this. He looks very smart and all ready for a cold winter