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Vintage White Christmas Tree

 WOW! Thanks for the LOVE, everyone!
My Vintage White Christmas post is gettin' hits like mad!
so, I think it's time for more inspiration... how about how the tree came together for that theme?
 first, the tree: it's not vintage - it's a new $45 white prelit 6' tree from walmart.
and it wasn't 'big' enough for the 10' ceilings in the room, so it sits up on a wood crate painted white.

[elevating a tree not only helps it give stature to your room, but leaves a LOT more room beneath it for gifts!]

the tree was set up and plugged in, then i gathered up all of the ornaments and decor...
 you'll notice from these photos that you don't have to just use ornaments on a tree...
you can use a lot of things that are just everyday items and collectibles, too.
adding some decor elements that are BIG helps to keep things interesting on the tree!

begin with the largest elements first, placing them equally on the tree
[and yes, i am sort of persnickety about that. 
i don't actually MEASURE the distance between ornaments that are the same, but I DO 'eyeball' it!]
 then move on to the medium-sized elements, then the small, and the really special ones go on last.
 toppers on trees don't have to be just a single star or angel or glass thingamabob...
it's easy to create an interesting arrangement at the top of the tree instead!

this one has a star made from a carpenter's ruler, some vintage silk 'money plant' florals,
a white baroque photo frame, and one of my original Junk Queen 'Ice Princess' crowns.
 some of the unique ornaments on this tree are a tiny plastic chandelier,
vintage paper bells and mini burlap stockings
 an old plastic snowflake garland, corkscrew glass ornaments from the dollar store
and a perfect birdsnest found in our boxwood hedge
[it's said that having a birdsnest in your Christmas tree brings good luck for the coming year!]
 these stunning ornaments are my very favorites... flocked damask designs in soft cream on white glass.
they are not vintage, but new. i found them at TJ Maxx a few years back. loooooooove them!
 the giant snowflakes are plastic, and came from a party supply store.
bonus for me: they had hung in their display windows one year, and had yellowed slightly. 
they hated that - i loved it! and i got them on clearance for a SONG
 i collect little tea cups when i find them at thrift shops, and paint them with white gloss spray paint.
they make very charming ornaments, and also look sweet hung on ribbons from chandeliers!
 carpenter's ruler stars
there are also crocheted doilies as 'snowflakes'
and crystals backed with vintage sheet music on the tree...
i didn't get a close up, but you can see them in the first photo above.
 and my most precious ornament on this tree: a silver baby spoon,
in honor of my three sweet grandsons.
you could easily get spoons and have them stamped or engraved with names, too!
i loved sitting in the chair with this view...


  1. Awesome ornaments! Did you make the large carpenter ruler stars or did you buy them that way? Very creative.

  2. It is just beautiful. I wish I had the old white tree Gramma Clara had. I love yours. I also love that ruler star- xo Diana

  3. Jeanine, I made the stars myself from carpenter's rulers we had - it's really easy!