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Winter Decorating: Glass Lamp Globe 'Snowballs'!

back in a post last fall, i shared a tutorial for my original Glass Globe Pumpkins with you
[thank you for making that post my all-time #1 post, by the way!]

but i use those glass light globes in different ways all year long!

here's what i do with them in the winter:

* take the simple clear glass ones, 
and make them into snowglobes...

* find small figurines at thrift shops or the dollar store
* spray paint them gloss white
* hot glue them inside a shallow white bowl or pedestal
[i like using hot glue  - 
because if i want to change it all later, i can!]
*flip the globe upside down with the opening facing up - 
then add some snow flakes or glitter inside.
* then put a bead of hot glue all along the rim of the globe, 
and place the base upside down onto the glass globe's opening.
* trim the edge of the base with vintage trims, ribbon, jewelry if you like.

 * in the globe shown below, i also glued a clear plastic snowflake behind the little angel figure.

You can use glass fishbowls, too!


* nestle them into arrangements of greens and cones,
in urns and buckets and boxes...
put night lights on an extension cord inside them so they'll glow!

You can use a strand of mini-lights for outdoor use, as well...

* another easy way to use these is just to fill up a beautiful urn, bowl, wire basket, or other container.
the sunshine pouring in the windows is enough to light them up
and show off the beautiful patterns in the glass...

my wire urn below was one of my favorite display pieces for these!

 they work inside and out -
try heaping them into a wheelbarrow in the garden
and lit them with mini-lights!

... and no, that's NOT all!
i'll have more ideas for these when SPRING comes!


  1. Geez-and to think I finally took all my old glass globes to GW! What a sweet, smart use of them- xo Diana

  2. Sooo pretty! You always inspire :)