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Charming Embellished Umbrellas

I am so pleased to share that the May Issue of Creating Vintage Charm Magazine 
features one of my own spring / summer decor ideas:
Embellished Umbrellas

 Creating Vintage Charm is a PRINT publication
that inspires and shares your excitement in creating and crafting,
by featuring your handmade and repurposed creations and ideas, 
beautiful and colorful images, 
featured artists, studios, shops, blogs, galleries, 
tutorials and tips and more...

The umbrellas shown in the magazine and here in these photos
have been embellished with 'everyday' items to create beautiful effects:

 * The umbrella on the right is a 4' white nylon beach umbrella,
covered with a large white crochet lace tablecloth.
The lace creates beautiful patterns in the shadows beneath the umbrella!

* The umbrella on the left is a 6' diameter white canvas market umbrella, 
adorned with a white satin & tulle bridal petticoat!
The fullness of the tulle layers create a gorgeous ruffle all the way around!

These were the perfect toppers for a refreshment table at the Spring vintage show I hosted on my farm.

At another vintage show, I sold ribbon parasols...

I had a half-dozen regular umbrellas, and just ripped the nylon covers right off of them.
Then I used vintage seam binding, ribbon, and torn silk strips to create a new kind of cover
by tying the strips together in all kinds of patterns and configurations.
[They took FOREVER to make!]

They were very summer-y and fun, and though they wouldn't protect you from rain or sun,
they certainly added feminine charm to the setting.

I also used one in the rafters of my barn store one fall, 
and it looked decidedly spooky
Prettily embellished umbrellas are a perfect idea for photo props, 
and as event decor for garden parties and bridal & baby showers!

shared online:

Cupcakes & Crinoline | Project Inspire{d}


  1. L~O~V~E this!! Congrats on the article.

  2. So cute and creative! Would be great with white lights underneath too. How did you adhere or attach to the umbrella? Poke holes through the umbrella and zip tie? Very sweet idea for a bridal shower or tea party. Julie Jenkins

    1. Julie, I simply laid the lace tablecloth over the top of the umbrella, with one of the holes in the lace slipping over the center post cap of the beach ubmrella. It was a heavy weight and stayed in place for the event. The bridal petticoat was tied to the finial on top of the pole by means of the drawstring tie already on the petticoat skirt - which secured the center of it, not the edges.

      These were meant for temporary use, not to be left out in the weather on a permanent basis, so securing the embellishments wasn't necessary.