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Mothers Day: In the Bag!

Flowers from the grocery market or corner florist are the default Mothers Day gift... 
every mother knows that.
[sorry, gang, it's not a secret.]

But I have a flower-giving TIP for you!
If you are grabbing a bouquet or potted plant on the way to brunch with Mom,
here's a way to make those flowers look like ANYTHING but 'last minute'...

1. Run to Ross, Marshalls, Walmart,
OR a vintage fashion boutique or thrift shop...
2. Grab a cute, colorful PURSE or HANDBAG or TOTE BAG...
3. then put the grocery store flowers into the purse!
[for extra brownie points from Mom, add a matching scarf]

it's GIFT and GIFTWRAP all in one!

A simple and inexpensive grocery store bouquet of tulips in a double-layer plastic bag 'vase'
is tucked inside a vintage beaded evening bag.
A pair of lacy gloves are the perfect finishing touch...

Potted plants from the hardware store are slipped into a plastic grocery bag, 
then nestled inside a bright, colorful spring purse.

Again, a coordinating scarf is an extra-special finishing touch!

Now sit back and wait for the compliments [and glares of jealousy] you'll get from others
when you present YOUR flowers to Mom! ;)

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