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EASY Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
It's Friday, it's the weekend, and it's a HOLIDAY weekend at that!
Not a REAL holiday, you say? any excuse for a party is my philosophy.
and there's no reason to say 'I just don't have what I need to throw a party'... because you DO!

Here are a couple of 'Fast, Cheap & Easy'TM tips that you can use to literally 
put together a backyard bar setup in mere minutes...
so invite the neighbors over this weekend, and celebrate!

This is really ALL about the color story...
The warm yellows and oranges and the natural wood & terra cotta tones
play perfectly off of each other to create a 'South of the Border' mood.
Focusing on one or two colors is a fast way to coordinate elements...

I just went into every room and closet in the house, and pulled out 'stuff' on hand
that would work with the Cinco de Mayo 'story'...

* $1 bamboo placemats cover the bartop
[and if you don't have a bar, stack some crates or benches 
and throw a bamboo blind over the whole thing]

* a textured terra cotta flowerpot is a riser to hold a serving plate

* a clay ROOF TILE serves up napkins
[could also hold fresh unpeeled fruit]
* a terra cotta olive plate : serves up salsa, and the 'pit well' holds the serving spoon

* a burlap shopping bag covers a blue plant pot [it's pretty, it just didn't fit the color scheme!]
 * bright yellow faux flowers from the 'fall' decor box in the garage add color punch
the marigolds in the pot are real, the yellow mums are faux, 
and the ivy was cut from a wall and tucked into the pot.
better to have a full arrangement for impact than a few spindly marigolds!

* beach towels in hot colors and a woven purse & hat top the cabinet for color + interest
[textures of old wood, terra cotta pots with twine wrap, stucco, and baskets really say 'Mexico']

* A big basket lined with a garbage bag and filled with ice could hold Coronas next to the bar
 Now, for the 'Fast, Cheap & Easy'TM way 
to make Margaritas!

I came up with this one years ago, when my bar supplies had dwindled.
I had tequila. And I had lemons. SO, I improvised and created 'Cheater 'Ritas' -
and discovered that this simple version is just as refreshing as the complicated drinks!

[I prefer it made from frozen concentrate with an additional squeeze of fresh lemon juice,
but Crystal Light or Country Time powdered lemonade drink mix will work, too...]

[I prefer my lil' friend, Don Julio Reposado... but Jose Cuervo works just fine!]

ground sea salt . cut lemons and oranges . ice

* Run the cut lemon or orange across the rim of the glass,
then dip the glass into the salt. Add ice.
[option: skip this step and just sprinkle a TIDBIT of salt INTO the glass over the ice]

* Pour a shot [more or less] of tequila into the glass over the ice.

* Pour lemonade into glass to fill.

* If desired, slice up a lemon and orange, and place a slice on the rim of each glass.

* Stir. Drink. Smile.

* Repeat. [REALLY important!]


Now this is certainly no 'Cadlillac Margarita' for connoisseurs, 
but it is a refreshing, cool libation that is a quick treat to make with what's on hand,
and it's CHEAP and EASY to serve for crowds.

Put some salsa music on the iPod, microwave a tray of taquitos and mini-tacos,
and you've got a party!
Please drink responsibly and enjoy your weekend...

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