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Create a Cloche and Dome It!

Using a cloche is a simple way to give small items presence in your decor.

Most cloches / domes are made of glass, especially the vintage ones... 
but you know I love using unexpected materials in new ways,
so I created a dome from a wire tomato cage!

I showed it covered with ivy in a past post, but of course it can be used WITHOUT the ivy...

The wire form is an industrial-style way 
to create a 'cloche' effect:
Place it over several small items to add the finishing touch to any vignette.

It's also indestructible, great for use outdoors in EVERY season...
[and at @ $2.99 per wire tomato cage, 
it's a VERY inexpensive way to get a lot of usable style!]

Another easy way to create a dome is to use a metal lampshade frame...
Simply remove the fabric, and use the bare metal frame to top a gathering of items.

Lampshades come in endless sizes and styles, 
so you can create dozens of different domes!

This is a great use for old lampshades, since the fabrics get stained and torn -
you can pick them up for a song at thrift shops and the Goodwill outlets!