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Tutorial: Coffeepot Birdhouse

 I was looking for something in my mom's garage today, 
and came upon something that I made for her over FIFTEEN YEARS AGO.
It was a product that I made and sold in my small home decor store and at street markets...

Birdhouses made from Vintage Coffee & Tea Pots!

The perch is a silver spoon - and the lid lifts off for cleaning!
It's a simple project for a darling accent for a yard or patio, and makes a great gift.

 Vintage Coffeepot Birdhouse Tutorial

Supplies Needed:
aluminum coffee or teapot (vintage or new)
one tea or soup spoon (stainless steel)
one 18" length of baling wire
one small screw & nut
steel wool
drill with small bit and 1 1/4" hole bit
screwdriver . needle nose pliers
1. Drill a hole in the front of the coffee / tea pot body using the 1 1/4" hole bit on the drill.
Use the steel wool to sand / soften the sharp edges of the hole. 

2. Bend the spoon just below the 'bowl' so that the bowl angles down at a 90 degree angle.
From the inside of the coffee pot, put the spoon handle through the 1 1/4" hole,
place the bowl of the spoon up against the pot wall, 
and drill a small hole through both surfaces using the small bit.
Attach using small screw, with nut on the inside to secure, to form the perch.
[OPTIONAL: hot glue the spoon into place!]
You must bend the spoon before attaching to the pot.

3. Drill two small holes @ 1/2 inch apart above the pot handle using the small bit.
These should be on the body of the pot - NOT on the lid.
Feed the bottom 4" of the baling wire through the upper hole, into the pot, then out the other hole.

Use the needle nose pliers to curl the end of the wire around the screwdriver shaft to create a curlicue.
[this prevents the wire from slipping back through the holes]

4. Drill one small hole above the pot spout using the small bit.
Feed the bottom of the other end of the baling wire down into the hole, and out the spout -
this causes the middle of the wire to create a U-shaped loop over the top of the pot.

Use the needle nose pliers to curl the end of the wire around the screwdriver shaft to create a curlicue.
Bend it upward to look like steam escaping the spout!

Remove the lid at the end of the season to clean out the birdhouse - 
just rinse and dry!

You might want to name the birds who nest here
Starbuck, Peet, or even Juan Valdez...


  1. I wish you were still selling these!! Super adorable!

  2. I love this! I've made birdhouses out of all sorts of things, but never an old coffee pot! SO cute and perfect to go along with cup and saucer bird feeders! I enjoy making those too! Birds are so much fun and having these little whimsical accessories for them adds to the enjoyment! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Leena