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Got the Cinco de Mayo Blues?

It's Cinco de Mayo! Are you celebrating yet?!

Yesterday's post was all about a quick bar setup, 
built around a yellow & orange color scheme.
Today, I've got the blues!
Add bright aqua and some magenta to yellow and orange,
and you've got yourself a fast FIESTA!

Inspiration for a Sunday brunch, lunch, or dinner table:
Some 'Fast, Cheap & Easy'TM ideas shown here:

* The aqua glass balls in the centerpiece are actually 'water globes' for plant watering...
Used this way, they look like artist-blown glass decor!
[Available at your local nursery or home supply store]

* A teal glazed plant pot stands in as a riser for a serving tray

* The crackled glass vases and blue PLASTIC stemware 
were purchased for @ $3 each at HOMEgoods

* Fresh fruit and flowers in bright colors make the blue POP
My Secret: The bougainvillea flowers here are all faux garlands from the party supply store - 
I just wadded them up and into the vases, and hung a few on the wall by the bar!

* Standard black [or white] dinnerware is a perfect counterpoint to the bright colors
[Want to see a completely different look using that black dinnerware? 
I shared it last fall here along with my post for Broadway+Thresher Magazine]

 confession time..
I worked in the Washington wine industry for years, and learned a LOT about vino.
But I still 'judge a bottle by it's label' when I entertain...
because I want the labels to match my color scheme!

 I usually end up serving a spicy red wine, 
or making a simple sangria using wine and fresh fruit for a lighter touch.
[Don't miss my 'Cheater 'Rita' recipe for FAST margaritas - 
it's in yesterday's post]

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