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A Garden Fence Chandelier

  A few years ago, I had some white wire garden fencing hanging around...
along with a big box filled with resin and glass crystals from various chandeliers & light fixtures,
and another box filled with glass test tubes.

I combined the three elements to create something new:
wire chandeliers for the garden

The crystals beautifully reflect the sunshine,
and the test tubes hold fresh flowers OR tall, thin tapered candles.

The white wire fencing that I used was vintage, 
but the new stuff works great, too! It comes in a roll like this at the hardware store
and is about 2 feet tall.
[ I found this image HERE where you can order the fencing, too]

 The fencing is simply cut to length, bent into a circle, 
(concentric circles for multiple layered chandies - picture O's in 3 sizes!)
and then the straight wire ends (the part that would go into the ground) are bent into hook shapes.

* The concentric circles are suspended inside the largest circles using wires,
attached at @ the middle of the larger circle so they hang LOWER.

* A cross of wires is attached to the very top edge of the largest circle,
long enough to pull upward and hang the chandy from a hook overhead.

* Hang plastic, resin, or glass crystals on each of the bent wire end hooks.

* If you want to add the test tubes / floral tubes as seen above, 
add them around the outside edge of the largest wire circle only.
I used white zipties to secure mine, but white wire will work, too.
[Remember that you need to be able to remove the test tubes to clean them]
 Then hang them in the sunshine
 from a tree branch, trellis, gazebo, or porch overhang
 and enjoy the sparkle!

[Like those embellished umbrellas in the background? See them here!]

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