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Tutorial: Wire Tomato Cage Dome

 I find almost ALL of my inspiration for seasonal decorating in nature...
the materials abundant, the textures intriguing, and the color combinations are dazzling 
[and Mother Nature is NEVER wrong - no matter what color ends up next to another!]

Inevitably, I find myself drawn to arboretums, greenhouses, conservatories,
beaches, parks, garden centers, and nurseries when I have free time.
My trusty camera captures color, mood, and ideas at every turn
that serve as inspiration for projects that I undertake.

Like this one...

I was inspired by the idea of ivy-covered birdcages and domes.
 I saw these two above at Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach, CA 
and the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA.

Below, smaller domed cages hanging at Roger's Gardens
really did the trick of getting my brain into gear.
Combining this inspiration with my penchant for using things in unconventional ways,
I put two and two together... and the result was this sweet ivy-covered wire dome:
Wanna' make one?
It's easy - with just THREE CHEAP 'ingredients', two tools, and half an hour!

continue reading for the tutorial...
one wire tomato cage . two metal paper clips . ivy branches  . wire cutters . needle-nose pliers

1. Using wire cutters, cut the TOP circular ring off of the tomato cage
by clipping the circular wire on each side of the upright wires.
Do NOT cut the upright wires!

2. Bend the three upright wires in a 'U' shape across the cage,
causing the wires to meet at the apex.
They should meet where the 'crosses' are left from where you cut off the top ring.

3. Bend one metal paper clip around the point where the three wires cross to secure them together.

4. Bend another metal paper clip into a 'U' shape, and attach it at the apex of the dome.
Twist the two ends of the 'U' around the existing wire supports, to secure it for hanging the dome.
5. Wrap each of the three wires around the circular ring to secure it in place.
Leave @4" of wire hanging below that wrapped loop.

6. Bend the ends of each of the three hanging wires into a small open loop.
Bend the ends of each of the cut wire ring sections (that you removed earlier) into a small open loop.

7. Place one loop of the cut wire ring sections over the hanging wire end, 
and the other around the bottom ring of the cage. Bend them inward to close the loop.
8. Repeat until all added uprights are secured to the bottom ring using the loops.

You can use the dome as-is with no greenery, as shown in this post.
or you can continue, and add ivy vines to the dome:
9. Separate your cut ivy pieces into long and short pieces.

10. Begin to add each piece of ivy to the wire form by tucking the thickest end of the piece into 
one of the loops on the form. 
Twist the ivy around the wire as you move across the form, and overlap pieces.
11. Lay the wire form down on its side, then add & wrap ivy around the first (bottom) ring.
12. Add & wrap ivy around the second (upper) ring as you did the bottom.

13. Add & wrap ivy around each of the upright wires.
[use the thickest ivy on the uprights with the hooks, to hide them]
14. Your finished Ivy Dome!

 Made from real ivy, this will last a few days. Mist with water to keep fresher.
Made from faux ivy, it will last indefinitely
[and you can always use that as a base, to add real ivy to]

 Display your finished Ivy Dome on a tabletop, on a pedestal, or hanging overhead

Use your wire dome without ivy for seasonal decorating...

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