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a POKEMON Christmas Tree!

...and now for something COMPLETELY different...

My youngest daughter Brianna loves to decorate for Christmas - 
she's very creative, and used to work with me as I decorated the wineries in Washington.
She has a special challenge when it comes to holiday decor:
My grandson's Birthday is on December 18th, and she doesn't want to overshadow that -

but she also doesn't want to wait until AFTER that day to put up the tree, 
so she decorates their tree in his birthday theme each year!

THIS YEAR, she has outdone herself... with a POKEMON theme!

continue reading to see some really fun ideas...

My grandson is turning six, and is ALLLLLL about Pokemon this year.
He apparently really loves this tree -
 Brianna says "He doesn't even want me to put any other ornaments up. haha! 
This way I can enjoy my Christmas tree for more than just a week after his birthday!"

I saw a photo she shared on facebook, 
and asked her if I could get more pics from her, to share her fun idea with you.
I think that when you see how easily she created this, you're gonna' LOVE it!

Enjoy these creative ideas by Guest Designer, 
Brianna Kennedy Agbalog
Her POKEBALL ornaments are super easy:
She started with plain red ornaments from Dollar Tree,
dipped the bottom half in white paint, and hung them up to dry.
Then she painted on the black stripe and dot, let it dry,
and then added a white dot sticker. EASY!
(and because they are resin, they're unbreakable!)

The POKEMON tree itself is loaded with red lights on top, white lights on the bottom, 
and a band of black around the center...
are you ready for this one?
That black band is made from black plastic trash bags!
The two circles are plastic plates!!!
Again, from the Dollar Tree! Nothin' expensive here!

Yup. That's my kid... 
'Fast, Cheap & Easy' is in our DNA!

I'm guessing that there will be black, white, and red wrapping paper 
on the boxes under that tree, along with some Pokemon gifts that are on their way (wink)
What a creative, FUN, and inexpensive way to decorate a tree, huh?!
It doesn't take a lot of money to change things up from year to year...
and I bet my grandson will NEVER forget this tree that his Mama made for him!

Well done, darlin'! (and thanks for letting me use your photos!)

Decor Design & Photo Credit: Brianna Kennedy Agbalog . 2016

shared online:

yesterday on tuesday | project inspire{d}

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