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creating a warm welcome

sometimes you just can't find what you want out there in a store...
not even in a vintage / antique / thrift store (my fave places to shop)
it looks perfect in your head - but it doesn't exist yet.
oh how i LOVE that! 
i find i'm most creative when i have to get resourceful and make what i want.

case in point: an 'old'-looking sign that said JOY.
when i couldn't FIND one, i MADE one...
by simply painting block letters on a piece of plywood that was in the garage,
using regular house paint (flat white, with a slight tint of yellow to age it)
then adding a brown 'shadow' with a wash of thinned brown paint.

the FINAL touch to give it a 'vintage feel' was to paint in some circles of glue,
and then sprinkle those with some old glitter. 
(this photo shows the glitter circles in the letters a bit more clearly)

to coordinate this entryway display with our holiday theme, 
i gathered up a lot of textural sweater-y / knitted things like a blanket, a scarf, snowflakes,
and a few of my past winter seasonal products/creations:
a Sweet Sweater Snowman TM, Burlap & Sweet Sweater Santa Hats TM,
and a sweater-or-scarf wrapped wreath.
(click for links to posts - sweater hats posts were removed when they sold out)

with all of these items stacked on a vintage sewing machine case 
and hung from our old porch post coat rack,
our entry hall now welcomes us and guests in from the wintry weather.
(LOL... NOT! it's never that cold here
... and that's pretty JOYful!

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