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Orange You Glad You're Here?!

While much of our home decor this Christmas is in neutral tones
(ivory, cream, tan, rusty brown, bronze, copper, and gold),
we decided to leave the bright orange decor already in the entryway.
(click to see more about the Joyful sign)

This happy hue brightens that small, dark space right up!

The addition of a tall, skinny tree in the corner added some light,

and a chance to create a fun, lighthearted feeling...
yet very different than the fun tropical tree decor that we created at the old house!

Continue Reading to see what we did... 

The first thing I did was get some orange polka dot scrapbook paper.
I was planning to cut out circles, but then I bought a scarf for my granddaughter - 
and it came on this COOL oval-shaped plastic hook. So I saved the hook!
I used it as a pattern to trace and cut out ovals to use as paper ornaments.

Then we rummaged through our bins of decor and selected a few things

that you might not necessarily consider as 'tree decor':
* four felt coasters in the shape of an owl
burlap texture words meant to be gift tags
tiny orange glass balls (meant as Halloween decor)
along with some of my vintage paper ornaments, glass balls with orange ribbon in them,
vintage white thread-wrapped balls, and some glass clip-on birds.

We also picked up two new sets of four ornaments that look like owls!
All together on the tree, the effect is happy and - dare I say it? - JOYFUL
which is just a perfect way to welcome friends and family to our home...

Seriously, it even looks good in a blurry shot!
(no, I didn't intend to get a bokeh effect when I took this photo - but I like it!)


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