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Vintage Paper Poinsettias

My love for old book pages and vintage paper shows itself in many ways,
and I love finding new ways to use this material all year long...
so this Holiday season, I used paper as a major theme for our Christmas decor.
I created tree ornaments, garland embellishments, and other elements
that are in use all over the house.

While I created the flowers you see here to go on the tree,
they worked out much better forming a wreath on the wall in our entryway!
Tucked into a simple garland of greens and a strand of mini lights that surround a round mirror,
the paper poinsettias add the perfect touch of texture and style:
The centers of the flowers are made from vintage jewelry -  
old earrings, shoe clips, and lapel pins.
They add more texture and some sparkle, along with a touch of nostalgia.

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The vignette on the wood dresser here
(which, btw, used to be in my office at the old house)
is built around an antique shipping scale from my Dad's warehouse, 
stacked with books - 
including the vintage one that inspired our theme 'Tidings of Comfort and Joy'.
Clear vases of vintage ornaments and candles and an olivewood nativity set
bring warm color, wood tones, and touches of nature into the entry:
Creating these flowers was time-consuming, but simple:
I cut many, many petal shapes out of book pages and sheet music (from hymnals!)
and layered them in a circular pattern, 
bending & folding each petal as I worked to create texture and depth,
gluing them to a small cardboard circle as a back.
The jewelry was hot-glued to the center of each flower.

They hang on the wall by a wire ornament hook - 
I just popped them through a small hole in the cardboard back, 
and used a clear pushpin on the wall to hold the hook.

I used a few similar flowers as 'bows' on the wrapped packages on our front porch

and created similar blooms for my Mom's bedroom headboard and my studio wall

For me, Christmas decorating isn't about following a trend
or buying a bunch of stuff at stores.
It's about expressing the beauty of the season with things I love - 
and that I know no one else will have!

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