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Vintage Paper Ornaments

handmade vintage Christmas decor
When I was in my frenzied flurry of paper crafting last month, 
(see my vintage paper poinsettia wall decor post)
I also created some ornaments for the tree...

Using a trusty old paper slicer that I kept from my Dad's warehouse,
I cut dozens and dozens and dozens of strips of paper from old books and hymnals.
With scissors, a stapler, a glue stick, and a pencil to create rolled edges as tools,
I played around with shapes until I came up with these: 
homewardFOUNDdecor vintage paper ornaments
why, yes, that IS a hidden Mickey!
I put those on the tree in my studio because.... well, because!

Continue Reading to find out where I put them all!

The rest of the ornaments went onto the big (new) tree in the great room,
and I love how the light hues of the paper stand out against the greenery:
Debi Ward Kennedy handmade Christmas decor
Mom and I sorted through her ornaments and my ornaments, 
and selected the ones we had that would coordinate for our theme this year.
She had matte and shiny gold balls, gold poinsettias, and embossed ribbon, 
I had flocked ornaments, copper and ivory balls, glittering bronze leaves,
and even a few bright orange balls from Disneyland's big tree!

Then we hit some thrift stores and garage sales to pick up a bit more:
the white glittery stars (Dollar Tree!), the matte bronze balls, some wood words (Target!)
and some pretty orange ribbon inside clear balls.

We kept it pretty simple, which works well with the tree shape:
Christmas tree decorating
There's orange on there, so it coordinates with our existing decor scheme,
but it's subtle.... it's not screaming ORANGE. That works for us.
The tones of bronze, brown, copper, and soft ivory & beige are what you notice most.

We really love the way it all turned out, and the position of the tree...
home decor holidays Christmas tree
(Taking a photo of it in daylight is a CHALLENGE
because so much light pours into this south-facing room all.day.long.
This angle is the only way to do it...)

I did manage to get a great full shot of the tree at night, though...
holiday home decor decorating
whew. okay, I'm running behind because I added a few extra posts this month...
but there are THREE posts left to go. And only four more days until Christmas!
How am I gonna' do this?! More Posts!

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