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Vintage Lace Christmas Tree

 Sometimes, projects just come up out of nowhere... that was the story with THIS one.
Not in the plan. Not on the schedule.
But the Muse called, as I was rifling through a bin of linens
and tossing them on the chair next to me.
When I reached over to pick them up and put them back in the bin,
lo and behold: the pile of linens looked like a Christmas tree!

I stared at it, thinking about how I could present it here on the blog.
I can get away with some pretty crazy ideas, 
but presenting a pile of linens - basically, a pile of laundry - as home decor
might cause you to run screaming from my pages!

After a few minutes, it dawned on me that I have the PERFECT armature for a tree.
I use them all the time, and there was one in the garage not being used:
A wire tomato cage!
In about ten minutes, I had the thing done...

continue reading for my 'Fast, Cheap, & Easy'TM tutorial!

I used a wire tomato cage, one zip tie, a vintage petticoat, a rectangular vintage lace tablecloth,
a rectangular vintage lace doily turned into an apron, and a small square vintage lace doily.

* get a wire tomato cage, and stand it up on the largest ring - with three 'legs' at the top.
hold the three 'legs' together and zip tie them tightly. cut the excess zip tie off.
put the petticoat onto the frame, pulling it down toward the floor as far as it will go.
(mine stopped at the first ring, but it's long enough to have the ruffles reach the floor)

add a lace tablecloth over the frame, draping it into folds as you place it.
add a large lace doily, scarf, or apron (like mine) over the lace tablecloth
(obviously this layer should be shorter than the last layer)

add a small or medium doily at the top of the frame.
ok, you're done.
yes, really. THAT fast!
If you wish, hang glass chandelier crystals or vintage ornaments 
from the holes in the lace.
I'm thinking about adding a battery operated candle under the petticoat, 
to make her glow SAFELY...
I'll letcha' know how that works out!

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