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woodsy brown Thanksgiving tablescape + 25 more!

fall,Thanksgiving,tablescapes,entertaining,decorating,re-purposed,up-cycling,farmhouse style,rustic style,Thanksgiving tablescape,Thanksgiving decor.
a few years ago i created a lovely Thanksgiving table setting
and never shared it on the blog!
i just ran across the photos in a file, and decided they need the spotlight...
even though there's not a single touch of yellow in the photos ;) 
(i think i DID share it on Instagram that year)

the rustic woodsy warmth of this table decor exemplifies fall to me,
and i loved the way the elements reflect traditional style.

continue reading for the details...


diy tomato cage 'cornucopia' door + wall decor

Thanksgiving,fall,home decor,DIY,diy decorating,wreaths,tomato cage crafts,Sweet Sweater Pumpkins,dollar store crafts,wall art,rustic style,farmhouse style,tutorial, DIY cornucopia,Thanksgiving cornucopia.

are you one of the few people in the world
who is looking for some Thanksgiving decor?
who hasn't moved on to decorate for Christmas already?! 
i'm one of you - and my next few posts will center on this holiday that i really love!

last November i shared my tutorial for making a cornucopia
using a wire tomato cage and some burlap.
this year, it's been elevated from the tabletop
to hang on the door as a gorgeous 'wreath'
or as welcoming 'wall art' anywhere in your home.

continue reading for all the details (and a link to my previous tutorial)


painted 'chocolate' pumpkins on a sweet sweater cake

fall,pumpkins,foofoo Faux Food,sweaters,home decor,DIY,diy decorating,seasonal,decorating,painting,tutorial,Thanksgiving,Halloween,re-purposed,thrifted,dollar store crafts,faux cake with faux chocolate pumpkins,Dollar Tree pumpkins.
a fitting conclusion to my recent faux food project posts,
this one really takes the cake....

this project came about because i had some tiny styro pumpkins,
which made me start thinking about making a very REAL cake
like my Mom used to make every fall when i was a kid.
it was always a round two-layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing
and adorned with tiny orange candy pumpkins all along the top edge.
i loved that cake.
we took them to school fall celebrations and church harvest festivals.
we took mini versions - cupcakes - to friend's houses.
we never brought any of it home, either!!! everyone loved it.

instead, i decided to make a fall 'cake' in my own style...
because deb does NOT need more calories!

continue reading for the before and after...


words of Thanksgiving wall art

Thanksgiving,fall,wall art,art,home decor,DIY,diy decorating,decorating,vintage paper,re-purposed,up-cycling,tutorial,Thanksgiving wall decor,Thanksgiving craft,vintage paper wall art.
time for a BONUS POST!
i just had to fit this one in before Thanksgiving...

here's a 'fast, cheap, & easy' last-minute decor idea
that will add a touch of personalized meaning to your celebration
( and might just help to keep the kids busy, too! )

make word art to decorate your front door or entry wall

all it takes is a word program, paper, a printer, 
and some interesting 'frames' to display the completed word art...


salvaged wire fan fall wreath

fall,wreaths,pumpkins,wall art,paper crafts,dollar store crafts,re-purposing,up-cycling,tutorial,DIY,diy decorating,decorating,Thanksgiving,Thanksgiving wreath,Thanksgiving wall art,DIY pumpkin and leaf wreath.
i don't just make things from repurposed materials - 
i re-use the things i MAKE, too!

this wreath includes two of my recent fall decor projects
PLUS an element that i used several years ago (posts linked below)
to create a new look for this November.
perfect for a front door or hanging on a wall in your home,
it's an easy project perfect for these fall days.

continue reading for the easy details...


diy tomato cage cornucopia

fall,Thanksgiving,pumpkins,DIY,diy decorating,decorating,seasonal,re-purposed,crafting,tomato cage crafts,up-cycling,wreaths,centerpieces,home decor,Thanksgiving decor,Thanksgiving cornucopia,cornucopia,farmhouse style,November decor,tutorial
one of the enduring traditions of Thanksgiving is the familiar image of a cornucopia.
also known as the 'horn of plenty', this cone-shaped basket (originally an animal's horn)
laden with an abundance of harvested food in fall
reminds us of the many ways we are provided for on this earth.

i had an element on hand that i knew would be perfect
for transforming into a cornucopia for our Thanksgiving decor,
and boy does it make an impact!

continue reading for my not-so-easy diy tutorial and detailed photos...


Thanksgiving tablescape

Thanksgiving,tablescapes,entertaining,fall,holiday,seasonal,diy decorating,paper crafts,pumpkins,painting,colorful home,Thanksgiving table decor,Thanksgiving table, paper leaves,painted pumpkins.
for my Thanksgiving table decor this year,
i've rounded up most of the newest pumpkins i created
along with my new Sweet Sweater 'Shrooms and scrap paper leaves.

together, they created a table with a warm golden glow that is perfect for fall
and i didn't have to buy a thing. LOVE that.

ps: at the end of this post, i've linked ALL of my Thanksgiving tablescape ideas
that you've seen here on the blog since i began in 2012!

continue reading to see the easy details...


fall paper leaf arrangement

seasonal,colorful home,Thanksgiving,diy decorating,up-cycling,trash to treasure,paper,fall,paper crafts,DIY, junk makeover,crafting,wall art,tutorial,re-purposed,fall florals,fall home decor,fall centerpieces.
i've had to get creative to bring a fall feel into my home
(there's not a fall leaf in sight outside and it's still in the 90's... sigh)
but i've managed to find a way! it's PAPER!

some of the leaves from the wreath in my last post joined with new ones
along with faux florals + leaves and a branch from my backyard tree
to create this lovely fall arrangement.
it's easy-peasy AND it won't fall apart! (hah. pun not intended)

continue reading for more details...


honeycomb paper mushrooms!

fall,Thanksgiving,paper,paper crafts,DIY,diy decorating,crafting,dollar store crafts,re-purposed,party,colorful home,Pantone color of the year,up-cycling,mushrooms,paper mushrooms,mushroom party decor,mushroom crafts,paper mushrooms.
this project and post wasn't planned -
 i was recently inspired by a cute creation on Insta, and had to try it for myself.
it worked so well that i wanted to share it here...
so i'm popping it into my late fall content before i switch to holiday!

continue reading to see what inspired me and how EASY this project is!


fall wreath with scrap paper leaves

wreaths,wall art,up-cycling,trash to treasure,Thanksgiving,seasonal,re-purposed,paper crafts,paper,junk makeover,fall,DIY,diy decorating,crafting,colorful home,fall leaves,fall leaf crafts,fall home decor,fall wreaths,fall mantel decor, paper leaves
here in Southern California, we don't get 'fall leaves'. 
not at my elevation, anyway. up in the mountains it's a bit different.
the leaves down here in the flat desert turn from green to brown in July when the heat hits.
if they aren't blown off of the trees by the Santa Ana winds in September,
they hang on until January when the new leaf buds push them off.

it's harder yet when you've lived somewhere else that actually has a fall season.
i really miss being able to forage the forest for glowing red, orange, and yellow leaves.
since that possibility no longer exists for me,
i had to find another way to express a fall feeling in my home this time of year...
and i found the solution in my recycling bin!

continue reading for a quick tutorial on turning scrap paper into fall leaves - and more!


NEW! Sweet Sweater 'Shrooms!

fall,Thanksgiving,entertaining,seasonal,Sweet Sweater Originals,Sweet Sweater 'Shrooms,thrifted,re-purposed,up-cycling,DIY,diy decorating,crafting,tutorial,fall home decor,mushrooms,diy mushrooms,sweater crafts, sweater mushrooms.
happy November, friends!
no, i am not done with fall yet!
there are so many beautiful things in nature in fall that inspire me...
and when i saw mushrooms of all types and materials going crazy online,
 i came up with my newest Sweet Sweater creation:

 Sweet Sweater 'Shrooms!

these are a fast, fun, easy craft / diy decor project perfect for fall and Thanksgiving
that i had a lot of fun making - i hope you will, too!

continue reading for my newest no-sew sweater decor tutorial...


'dipped' faux concrete pumpkins

faux finish,farmhouse style,home decor,thrifted,colorful home,diy decorating,Thanksgiving,,fall,DIY,painting,boho style,Halloween,fall home decor,decorating with pumpkins,pumpkin decorating,painted pumpkins,faux concrete painting tutorial
one of my most popular fall tutorials since i published it seven years ago
has been my faux concrete painting tutorial.
i've used this treatment on just about every kind of pumpkin,
as well as on styrofoam wig heads, lamps, urns, and even a swan planter
to achieve an elegant 'statuary' effect.

this year, i'm combining that faux concrete look
with a current trend: the 'paint dipped' accent color.
it's been applied on the legs of furniture, the bottoms of picture frames, and more
in many popular shelter mags, websites, and products...
but i haven't seen it done on pumpkins yet!
both paint applications are quite easy - with endless variations possible.

continue reading for more details, a link to my faux concrete tutorial,
and a secret hiding in the photo above!


gradient pumpkins

faux finish,farmhouse style,home decor,thrifted,colorful home,diy decorating,Thanksgiving,Sweet Sweater Pumpkins,fall,DIY,painting,boho style,Halloween,fall home decor,decorating with pumpkins,pumpkin decorating,painted pumpkins,color spectrum decor.
want a really easy way to decorate for fall?
one that makes use of things you already have?
choose one color, and gather up everything you have in that hue.
then arrange items from light to dark - or mix 'em all up.

and if what you have is a mish-mash of colors,
you can always paint things a new color! that's what i did.

continue reading for some simple transformation ideas...


salvaged silver pumpkin coach

fall,DIY,diy decorating,re-purposed,up-cycling,salvaged,thrifted,home decor,pumpkins,Thanksgiving,Halloween,junk makeover,trash to treasure,vintage,vintage style,farmhouse style,fall decorating,fall home decor,decorating with pumpkins,salvaged pumpkins,junk pumpkins,upcycled pumpkins,repurposed pumpkins.
if you've been around for awhile, you know that i've got a thing for pumpkins...
it all began with my sweet Grandpa Ward, who had a nickname for me:
his little pumpkin eater. 
i have always thought he called me that because of my rusty, pumpkin-y auburn hair
and i sure wish i would have asked him about that before he died when i was 15.

because of that nickname, i've collected pumpkins for most of my life.
and every year when fall rolls around, as i decorate with some of them,
i can hear the echoes of his voice calling me that pet name.

this project brings together two special things about my Grandpa:
his nickname for me, and his time building many of the attractions at Disneyland.
and though i bet you can name the film and the Disney Princess connected to it,
there's another inspiration that helped to bring this idea to life...

continue reading for more!


salvaged silver tray pumpkins

fall,DIY,diy decorating,re-purposed,up-cycling,salvaged,thrifted,home decor,pumpkins,Thanksgiving,Halloween,junk makeover,trash to treasure,vintage,vintage style,farmhouse style,wall art,wreaths,fall decorating,fall home decor,decorating with pumpkins,salvaged pumpkins,junk pumpkins,upcycled pumpkins,repurposed pumpkins.
salvaged silver trays paired with simple kitchen serving tools
become elegant pumpkins in this project,
and can be adorned with just about anything you choose...
the fall leaves here include yellow tones to fit my 2021 obsession!

continue reading to see how easy assembly is!


floral painted pumpkins

faux finish, farmhouse style, thrifted, diy decorating, Thanksgiving, pumpkins, fall, DIY, painting, boho style,neutrals, painting, colorful home,  garden art, fall, fall decorating, fall decor, pumpkins, pumpkin decor, pumpkin decorating, painted pumpkins, home decor, decorating, autumn decor, thanksgiving decor, thanksgiving, october decor, november decor, chinoiserie painted pumpkins, toile painted pumpkins, blue and white painted pumpkins, brown toile, neutral home decor, fall leaves, fall florals, fall trends 2021.
i recently went thrifting in Palm Springs
 and found some beautiful vintage china with yellow roses and gray & brown leaves.
the moment i saw them, i pictured a new version of a project that i created last fall:

 last November, i painted some of my ceramic pumpkins
with floral motifs that matched my brown English Staffordshire china collection:
faux finish, farmhouse style, thrifted, diy decorating, Thanksgiving, pumpkins, fall, DIY, painting, boho style,neutrals, painting, colorful home,  garden art, fall, fall decorating, fall decor, pumpkins, pumpkin decor, pumpkin decorating, painted pumpkins, home decor, decorating, autumn decor, thanksgiving decor, thanksgiving, october decor, november decor, chinoiserie painted pumpkins, toile painted pumpkins, blue and white painted pumpkins, brown toile, neutral home decor, fall leaves, fall florals, fall trends 2021.
they were a HUGE hit on social media (thank you all!)
and even won a creative 'pumpkin decor' challenge!
last year i also painted some mini pumpkins with the Jewel Tea 'Autumn Leaf' pattern
to match my grandma's ceramic collection.
i envisioned a similar paint treatment that would match the 'new' vintage yellow rose china,
creating the perfect additions to a beautiful fall mantel or table this year.

many people get a similar effect gluing pretty paper napkins onto pumpkins. that's ok.
but i love to paint, and i'm able to replicate the design from the plate, so i do it that way.
honestly? it's not hard. and it doesn't have to be perfect.
the end result is a very elegant fall decor accent that i made myself - and that no one else has.
  i LOVE that part!

continue reading for more details...


diy paper paint chip leaf wreath

art class,boho style,color palettes,crafting,paper,paper crafts,decorating,DIY,diy decorating,fall,FREE,neutrals,farmhouse style,re-purposing,up-cycling,Thanksgiving,trash to treasure,wall art,wreaths,thanksgiving decor, November decorating, fall leaves, paper leaves, fall mantel decor, fall wreath, fall entry decor, paint chip crafts, paint chip art, paint chip fan deck, neutral fall decor, fall farmhouse decor, fall boho decor.
as i was preparing to create holiday content for the blog this year,
i sourced some paint chips (paint color cards, etc) as supplies for my chosen theme.

and i want to be perfectly clear about WHERE i sourced them:
i didn't take these paint chips from the displays at the hardware or paint store.
i asked the manager of my local paint store if they had any OLD paint fans
that might not be in use any more (because new ones come out every year)...
and they handed them over with a smile. FREE.
a very happy Deb with arms full of paint fans nearly skipped out the door.

but as it so happens, while i was in the midst of creating decor for Christmas... 

another FALL decor idea hit me. so i stopped, and created this fall decor.
(i endeavor to NOT anger my muse!)

it's so simple, you could make the leaves from any kind of paper -
gift wrap, paper bags, scrapbook paper, wallpaper scraps!

continue reading for more details and the easy how-to...


painted toile floral pumpkins

fall, fall decorating, fall decor, pumpkins, pumpkin decor, pumpkin decorating, painted pumpkins,  home decor, decorating, autumn decor, thanksgiving decor, thanksgiving, october decor, november decor, chinoiserie painted pumpkins, toile painted pumpkins, blue and white painted pumpkins, brown toile, neutral home decor, fall leaves, painting
i continue to be inspired by the current trend of painting pumpkins
to resemble blue and white Chinoiserie ceramics.
those colors aren't in our home decor palette, however,
so i painted a few more pumpkins
to match the brown toile pattern on some vintage dishes that i have.

my small collection of toile or 'Staffordshire' English china
 includes dishes from Royal Staffordshire, Alfred Meakin, and AJ Wilkinson.
the 'Brown Tonquin' pattern on almost all of them was designed by Clarice Cliff,
including the beautiful floral on the tiny saucer that inspired my artwork.

it's a beautiful look for fall that fits into classic, boho, farmhouse, and even coastal decor.

continue reading for more details...


painted 'autumn leaf' pattern pumpkins

fall, autumn, fall decorating, autumn decorating, fall home decor, autumn home decor, thanksgiving decor, painting, painted pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkin decor, pumpkin decorating, no-carve pumpkin decor, vintage style, farmhouse style, vintage jewel tea china, vintage hall china, fall leaves, diy, diy home decor, entertaining, thanksgiving.
inspired by the blue and white 'chinoiserie' pumpkins i've seen online recently,
i came up with a similar idea that reflects both an autumn palette AND our family history.

a few small ceramic pumpkins from my collection were refreshed with paint,
replicating the pattern of some china that has been in my family for generations...

made by Hall China in Ohio for the Jewel Tea Company from 1920 to 1980,
this lovely 'Autumn Leaf' pattern is perfect for fall decorating and entertaining - 
my Mom's Mom, my Grandma Ward, used these pieces even before my Mom was born.
Mom has used them every fall for as long as i can remember.
and i've used the pieces that she passed down to me!
they make an appearance every autumn, especially for Thanksgiving.

continue reading to see more of our collection with my new matching pumpkins...


frosted fall leaves tutorial

"autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower..." ~ Albert Camus
that's one of my favorite quotes about autumn.
i saw something the other day that caused that poetic line to spring to my mind:
isn't it pretty? i love the 'fall-into-winter' feel of the leaves shown here.
this image on writer Ann Voskamp's website inspired me to create
my own 'frosted fall leaves' for a simple Thanksgiving tablescape...
it's a really easy project, and it turned out perfectly.
continue reading for the easy tutorial if you need a last-minute Thanksgiving idea
that won't take much time at all...