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I'm in the Bloglight!

Welcome to my guests from hometalk and the blogtalk group on facebook -
Thank you, Miriam Illions for featuring me and HOMEWARDfound today!
 hometalk is a FABulous community website where you can share, discuss, learn, and be AWED
by EVERYTHING having to do with creating & keeping houses. It's AMAZING!
I'm Deb and I'd like to welcome you to my blog!
 I'm a retail and home stylist, designer, and published writer.
[more on my 'Start Here' page]

Sweet Miriam Illions had this to say in the Blogtalk post:
"This week, the beautiful & graceful Deb Kennedy of HOMEward Found Decor is in the Bloglight!
Deb's story is inspiring and uplifting. She applies her creativity and fresh perspective 

not only to design & decor, but to all aspects of life. I am honored to feature you in the Bloglight today, Deb!"
[wow! she really makes me sound much better than I am!]

Miriam also asked a few questions to help you get to know me, 
so let's get right to those:

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Oh, Lighten Up!

Several years back, I happened upon a small thrift store's 'going out of business sale'.
And found these lamps sitting in the parking lot for $5 each:
Shown as found.
Dear Lord in Heaven.... someone thought this was a good idea....

You DO realize that the white parts in this 'before' image used to be BRASS, right?
So some manufacturer somewhere, sometime, actually gave the OK for these to be made and sold.
In the seventies, no doubt. ugh.

Then someone else took the time to tape the glass off and paint the brass parts white -
but left the hideous gold-orange glass with black felt pen-embellished raised scrollwork.
And yet.... I see the possibilities even in the hideous ugliness:
If I could just neutralize the color and visual hot mess, these could actually be quite charming.
And so that's exactly what I did...

continue reading to see the amazing AFTER shot!


DIY Gold!

I'm all about sharing 'Fast, Cheap & Easy'TM ideas 
that make use of the 'everyday stuff' you have on hand...
giving things a little boost or using them in a new way 
to help you attain Seasonal Style at Home.

Well, when I saw THIS idea on a friend's blog, it was just SO easy and SO perfect

for our seasonal transition from summer to fall
that I contacted him to ask if I could share it here on HOMEWARDfound...
and he said yes!

Michael of Inspired by Charm was inspired by Jan of Poppycock 
who pinned this fun idea for painting kids' magnetic letters with paint -  
and he re-created the idea using very trendy gold paint.
Now if that's not a case of 'making do' with STYLE, I don't know what is!

Head over to Inspired by Charm to see Michael's post 
and follow his tips for adding a little gleam to your fridge!

Click 'Read More' on the left to find out what ELSE Michael is up to!


'as seen in BHG!'

 A few weeks ago, I received a very nice message from LuLu Tapp,
owner and photographer extraordinaire from DustyLu Interiors & Photography in Los Angeles.
She let me know that my little pumpkins were going to appear
in the feature on her lovely home
in the Better Homes & Gardens Halloween Tricks & Treats 2013!

After I picked myself up off the floor, I thanked her. Profusely!
And I've been on the lookout for the issue ever since.

Monday, she messaged me "Hey Deb!!! Its out its out!!! On newsstands now!!!Woot woot!"
At nearly the same time, a friend sent me the cover shot shown above,
then another friend sent me an interior image that includes my 2012 Harvest pumpkins:
This is one of Lulu's photos of her gorgeous home from the magazine... LOVE!

Being able to use the words 'As Seen in BHG' is just a dream come true -
I am so very thankful for the opportunity.
I originated this design, and have been making and selling them for many years,
and it's nice to finally be 'noticed' this way.

I saw a comment that Lulu made on Instagram and it made me do backflips:
"Better Homes and Gardens editor was flipping over the pumpkins and botanicals  -
I think she wanted to take them!!! Lolol"

Lulu discovered my original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins last fall, at Kymberley Fraser's store 'A Beautiful Mess'.
They looked like this in her display:

Thank you again, Kymberley, for your support!


Thank You All...

I would like to express my most heartfelt thanks to you all
for the comforting, caring, loving messages posted on my last blog entry...
 you've touched my heart.

Since I started HOMEWARDfound, 
I've made a concerted effort to NOT share personal information here
[because, frankly, my life has been a Lifetime Movie for the last two years
and I wanted this blog to be a happy place]
but losing my best friend was just the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back.
I had to take a break - and not pretend that everything was ok.

Thank you for understanding, and offering your sweet condolences.
They have been so helpful over the past week.

The sunset roses in the photos here are the last few that didn't fit into the arrangement
that I made for my best friend's memorial service on Friday.
They are sitting beside me now, on my desk, 
reminding me of her fiery red hair - and even more fiery spirit. 
The truck is a miniature replica of the one my grandfather drove.
Those are two of the people dearest to me, whom I have lost.
This little reminder of their presence in my life and my heart comforts me as I grieve,
as have your words and prayers...

That's my 'decorating tip' for today:
Surround yourself with things that are meaningful to you,
 that represent happy memories and special people.


Easy Burlap & Canvas Wall Art

I change things a LOT in my home... so I like easy solutions and quick projects.
This wall art project is one that I whipped up in just an hour,
and it made a huge difference on a blank wall behind a sofa...

I needed wall art in neutral tones to add interest to this small tv room, 
and used fabric remnants to match the canvas and burlap pillows on the sofa.
Then I had to find 'frames'.... but instead, I came across some old 'cork boards' in a closet.
Only, they weren't really cork boards...

continue reading to find out what they were!