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sweet snowmen

back in about '06, i created this display of charming little vintage-looking snowmen
for one of my retail clients (Columbia Winery in Seattle, WA).
i loved these sweet creations, but red is rarely a part of my home decor palette...
[note: i created this display and the banner in it, and photographed it, 
but the snowmen are not mine. they are Seasons of Cannon Falls, i believe]

i NEVER let what's available 'OUT THERE' limit me...
i just start making my own versions of things i love if i can't find exactly what i want.
that's what HOMEWARDfound style is all about:
grab what you've got on hand and make something you love!
[call it 'making do' if you'd like...
when I was a kid, i had a Childcraft book called 'Make and Do',
and i read it cover to cover and made every single thing inside!]

so, i decided to make some of my own snowmen using vintage papers,
and then accent them in colors that WOULD coordinate with my decor.

i gathered up 
scrapbook papers, old books, buttons, yarn, ribbon, stickers, styro balls, glue,
leftover sweater bits & pieces, bells, wire, glitter, paint, beads, cupcake papers, ribbon,
some aluminum stacking cups - and got to work makin' a royal MESS!

here's what i came up with:

 a JoYfuL SnOwMaN
some BLuShInG SnOw BaBiEs
[i think the little guy on the left looks a bit like Linus from Peanuts!] 
a miniature SpArKlY SnOwMaN
he's actually made from two pompoms, glued together and covered with glitter!

i also made a sweet decorated box
and embellished a house for them all to live in, happily ever after...
of course, about two years LATER, my color scheme had changed
so I 'made over' my little miniature snowman in neutrals:
then i made him a new friend and put him in his own mini-dome
[a stemless wine glass turned upside down]
they are a happy pair!
making do . make and do.
our decor can be what we want it to be!