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time for Sweet Sweater Pumpkins!

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it's september! fall is on the way... and fall means pumpkins.
so it's time for me to share my Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins!

the most famous - infamous??? - thing i've ever created,
since 2009, these cute lil' upcycled gourds have appeared in
home decor magazines, on home decor websites, in a 'designer gift crate' selection,
and have been sold in dozens of shops & shows, as well as here on the blog.

i only stopped making them for sale because my carpal tunnel was outta' control
(i was single-handedly creating hundreds of them each year),
so then i taught classes and made my tutorial available here on the blog
to help others make their own versions using my ridiculously easy method.

continue reading for more info on making your own!


boho chic: glass globe pumpkins

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a decade ago, i created pumpkins using glass lamp globes.
i searched the innerwebs and found that nothing like them existed then,
so they are the 'originals' as far as i can tell...
i've made a few more of them over the last ten years,
and many other people have made their own versions, too! 

last month when i stumbled upon four matching white glass lamp globes at ReStore,
i decided to re-visit this project...
then paid a crazy-cheap price of just 2.00 each and brought them home.

as i looked around my studio for  various objects to become stems,
i also found a few more elements that became 'toppers' for a chic finishing touch.
all in all, i came up with five different styles of pumpkins - using the same glass globes!

continue reading to see how truly easy this diy fall decor project is!


boho chic: lace-embellished pumpkins

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these stylish pumpkins are a combination of TWO of my past projects:
i've adorned my faux terra cotta painted pumpkins with lace,
one of them exactly as i did when i made my crochet & lace pumpkins.
[links to those below this post]

this project actually started out as a completely different idea:
i was going to PAINT white mehndi-inspired lace motifs on my faux terra cotta pumpkins.

then the heat index went haywire, deb got headaches, and it just didn't happen.
the idea to use real lace on them came to me one night - and i love the result!
it's a REALLY easy way to embellish pumpkins for a look that's trending right now.

continue reading to see how easy it is to get these effects...


boho chic: crochet + lace pumpkins

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i love coming up with new 'takes' on my own Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins,
and the two i'm sharing in this post were a fun way to give a whole new vibe to them.

a crochet textile from the thrift store and some lace curtain panels
are the perfect way to get a boho look for your fall decorating...

continue reading to see how easy these versions are to make!


painted toile floral pumpkins

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i continue to be inspired by the current trend of painting pumpkins
to resemble blue and white Chinoiserie ceramics.
those colors aren't in our home decor palette, however,
so i painted a few more pumpkins
to match the brown toile pattern on some vintage dishes that i have.

my small collection of toile or 'Staffordshire' English china
 includes dishes from Royal Staffordshire, Alfred Meakin, and AJ Wilkinson.
the 'Brown Tonquin' pattern on almost all of them was designed by Clarice Cliff,
including the beautiful floral on the tiny saucer that inspired my artwork.

it's a beautiful look for fall that fits into classic, boho, farmhouse, and even coastal decor.

continue reading for more details...


screen dome pumpkins & leaves

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rummaging through a cabinet one day, i rediscovered four screen food covers.
they came from Dollar Tree and to be honest, i don't think we've ever used them.
so.... me being me.... it was time to turn these unused items into something else.

continue reading to see how easily i transformed them into pumpkins!
(i feel a bit like the Fairy Godmother in reverse.....)


painted 'autumn leaf' pattern pumpkins

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inspired by the blue and white 'chinoiserie' pumpkins i've seen online recently,
i came up with a similar idea that reflects both an autumn palette AND our family history.

a few small ceramic pumpkins from my collection were refreshed with paint,
replicating the pattern of some china that has been in my family for generations...

made by Hall China in Ohio for the Jewel Tea Company from 1920 to 1980,
this lovely 'Autumn Leaf' pattern is perfect for fall decorating and entertaining - 
my Mom's Mom, my Grandma Ward, used these pieces even before my Mom was born.
Mom has used them every fall for as long as i can remember.
and i've used the pieces that she passed down to me!
they make an appearance every autumn, especially for Thanksgiving.

continue reading to see more of our collection with my new matching pumpkins...


faux terra cotta pumpkins + tutorial

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the decor is simple on our porch this year...

just a few select elements combine to give our entryway a fall mood.
(no, that's not a photo of our porch! i'll probably share that on Insta) 
however, real pumpkins are not an option when it's still over 100 degrees.

my solution to that dilemma was to gather up the pumpkins we have on hand
(plus the new-to-me 'Funkin' faux pumpkin that i found at a thrift store
and used in my recent fall harvest scarecrow project)
and give them a cohesive look... 

and i did that with paint, of course!
art class, color, color palettes, crafting, crafting with kids, decorating, DIY, diy decorating, fall, painting, pumpkins, re-purposing, up-cycling, tutorial, painting tutorial, faux paint treatment, faux terra cotta paint tutorial, painted pumpkins, fall decor, front porch decor, october decorating, farmhouse style, boho style, rustic style, cottage style, faux terra cotta pumpkins, use what you have decorating, autumn decor, Halloween decor
continue reading for my easy 'faux terra cotta' paint' tutorial...


boho lace pumpkins

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i am always trying to find new ways to create pumpkin decor to enjoy in the fall...
i'm game to try anything to see if it will work.
i recently came across some photos of this past project, never shared here on the blog,
and thought i had better do that before the window of opportunity for fall decor closes!

these are a fun way to create pumpkins with a bohemian style vibe,
perfect in combination with the neutral hues, macrame' accents, and wood textures
in the 'of the moment' boho modern fall decorating.

continue reading for details on how easy these are...


fall harvest scarecrow

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an unexpected find of a two dollar faux 'Funkin' pumpkin at a local thrift shop
was the impetus for this quick, easy fall decor project... perfect indoors or out!

(and no, i wasn't shopping. or, rather, i didn't PLAN to be shopping! i went to the thrift store to drop off three bags of used books.
but the door was open... and i was weak... and so.... i came home with a pumpkin. and three MORE bags of books. but i digress...)

that lightweight foam pumpkin became the head of this cute fall scarecrow.
made with items already on hand - including grass trimmings from our yard -
he came together really fast.

continue reading to see what's holding him up!


make a tiered tray the easy way!

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the decorating trend of the moment seems to be tiered trays!
they make arranging a selection of small items a breeze, 
pulling them all together in one display to make a big impact.

i've seen loads of great styling ideas shared all over social media,
but i came up with an approach for the tray itself that i thought might inspire you...

that tiered tray in the image above? not a tray. i didn't buy it.
i made it - using some things that i pulled out of cabinets & cupboards,
and a few drops of hot glue.
not only was it an easy project, it will come apart when i am ready for it to.

continue reading to see my easy way to MAKE a tiered tray...


funky junky pumpkin!

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this project has an interesting beginning:
i was taking our garbage cans out to the curb for pickup one morning.
and there at the curb was my neighbors' trash can...
with a fabulous, huge, ORANGE metal floor fan sticking out of it.

as i discovered upon further investigation, it was just a fan housing. no inner parts.
meaning the hard work had been done already - 
so how could i NOT snatch this thing up and repurpose it?!!!
especially when my whoooooole quarantine mission has been
to NOT spend money on craft or decor supplies. to just use what i have.
this thing shows up right in front of me, on my street. what am i supposed to do?!!!

i thought you'd agree.
so yes, in just a few seconds i did grab that fan housing right outta' his garbage can!
and i knew exactly what it was going to become...
last year, i made some junky fall pumpkins from similar salvaged metal parts.
and this version is even better!

continue reading to see several versions of 
the giant junk pumpkin that i made from it...


early fall floral tablescape

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ah, September... a fickle month that can't decide if it's summer or fall!
even between seasons,
nature never fails to delight me with new color combinations and moods,
providing endless inspiration for decorating...

inspired by a piece of fabric that evokes a late summer garden,
this tablescape includes some fall elements along with summer flowers and herbs.
it's easy to pull together a pretty table - just look outside for inspiration!

continue reading for some easy table decor tips...


'paint chip' painted pumpkins

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a recent post shared the paper paint chip pumpkins i made, 
and this project was hatched at the same time!

three styrofoam pumpkins were easily painted in the same style as paint chips,
and the multi-hued stripes just make me smile.

continue reading for tips on how to make these easy painted pumpkins...


fall decorating in gradient tones

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September rolls around and it's supposed to be 'everything Pumpkin Spice'.
but honestly, that's a stretch when it's still triple-digit summer heat outside - 
sometimes our geographic location just doesn't vibe with popular seasonal decor
and it's time to get outta' that box!

rather than go full-on with leaves and pumpkins everywhere, 
i came up with a way to use what i had on hand with a fresh look:
arranging my stash of pumpkins in a color gradient.
while the color spectrum runs from clear to brown,
arranging things this way gives a 'fall feel' with a bit of whimsy.

continue reading to see how easy this approach is!


paper 'paint chip' pumpkins

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these happy pumpkins sprang into my head one night,
and i couldn't wait to get into my studio the next day to try them out!

last spring, i shared a few projects that are based on paint chips.
although the first project - hearts - was made from real paint chips (from a client's decor project)
i then came up with a way to make my OWN paint 'chips': paint them on paper!

not only is it a perfect way to get the right colors for a specific use,
it also assures that i always have as many as i need if a project expands
(frequently!) or needs a do-over (sometimes!).

continue reading for details on making your own painted paint chip paper
AND the things i've made with them this year!


painterly pumpkins

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it's been over 110 degrees where i live this past week. WAY over. ugh. 
this does NOT feel like fall, my friends. not. one. bit.

so, i've been hiding in my air conditioned studio to escape the heat.
i was tidying my studio and went to toss something away, 
when suddenly a flash of inspo hit... and these colorful pumpkins are the result. 
cute? yes! painterly? yes! made of trash? yes!!
[also: completely unplanned!!!] 

continue reading to see what i repurposed to make them!


thanksgiving tablescape round-up

well, here we are again, my friends... running at full speed toward the holiday season!

things can be pretty crazy this time of year, so to help prepare you for Thanksgiving, 
here's a round-up of my past posts sharing some tips, tricks, and ideas
for creating lovely table settings without a lot of prep & work...  

 click on each title to read the entire post, 
where you'll find all the details and resources to help you out!

i don't know about you, but sometimes 
it seems that Thanksgiving gets lost in the rush of the holidays, 
receiving little attention and not much preparation
(yes, i DO 'fess up to totally forgetting the table decor one year!)
for me, setting a welcoming table to enhance the delicious food
is a simple way that we can encourage our guests to 
slow down and focus on the people who are most important to us...

may your Thanksgiving be a day of gratitude, generosity, and connection this year, 
surrounded by family, friends, or family AND friends...
and thank you so much for dropping in here for a visit!


junkie punkies!

some junk from my garage - hanging planter baskets and an old industrial fan - 
became 'Junkie Punkies' pumpkins for our front yard wheelbarrow display,
 with a quick spray of paint and a bit of imagination...

<<< click 'continue reading' for more details!


faux painted styro pumpkins - with curtain rod finial stems!

this week i was painting a few styro pumpkins, and a weird thing happened.
i tried to 'fix' it - and a cool thing happened
it's not at all what i planned, but i'm just gonna' share the results anyway!

so if you're looking for more ideas for fall decor,
grab some Dollar Tree styrofoam pumpkins - and let's get painting!

<<< click 'continue reading' for loads of tips...