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May flowers: art challenge recap

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over the past month, i've been participating in a creative art challenge...
the #flowermonth2022 challenge on Instagram
was sponsored by three artists,
with thousands of creative people around the globe participating.
each interpreted the prompts - an alphabetical listing of flowers - 
in their own style and method.
it has proved to be not just a fun exercise for me,
but also an educational experience,
as i've seen many variations on the themes in many different art mediums.

my own creations for this challenge
were all made from materials & elements that i have here at home - 
all reused, repurposed, recycled, and turned into flowers & foliage:

scrap paper, paint, paint pens, colored pencils, felt pens, fabric, gift wrap, 
wood blocks, vintage crepe paper, tissue paper, wire, sweaters, yarn, 
vintage jewelry, sewing pins, even plastic parts from dollar store flowers.

flowers,art,wreaths,art challenge,diy decorating,up-cycling,spring,trash to treasure,re-purposing,paper crafts,painting,DIY,crafting,Instagram,tutorial,art class,creativity,garden art,buttercup,daisy, daffodil, dandelion,frangipani,gerbera,hibiscus,marigold,poppy,rose,sunflower,tulip,yarrow,zinnia,spring flowers, summer flowers,fall flowers,holiday flowers
though my original plan was to make 12 different flowers, as shown here,
it quickly expanded to a plan for 14 blooms - 
and then i added one more at the last minute!

continue reading to see all 15 floral creations from my studio...


happy Galentine's day!

Valentine's Day isn't ALL about hearts and roses and romantic love.
it's also a great time to share the love with your girl friends - especially the single ones ;) 
(and who needs roses when you have rose', amiright?!)

the idea for our party decor started with a pink paint chip from the hardware store.
i had a few on hand after helping a client select paint colors for her retail shop,
and with them, this party theme rapidly became 'Paint the Town Pink!'

continue reading to see some fun ideas for a themed GALentine's dessert party...


May flowers: gerbera

flowers,art,wreaths,art challenge,diy decorating,up-cycling,spring,trash to treasure,re-purposing,paper crafts,painting,DIY,crafting,Instagram,art class,creativity,garden art,tutorial,diy flowers, arts & crafts, May flowers, May flower challenge
May 7 Day 7: Gerberas

this is another 'trash to treasure' assemblage / collage project
for the May Month of Flowers art challenge on Instagram.
this sunny bloom grew right outta' my recycle bin!

continue reading to see how i turned garbage into art...


paint chip wreath, too!

art,wall art,wreaths,holiday,Christmas,Christmas Decor,Christmas Decor Themes,color,colorful home,DIY,diy decorating,re-purposing,crafting,paper,paper crafts,Christmas wreaths,Christmas mantel decor,paint chips,paint chip crafts,paint chip wreaths,colorful Christmas decor,decorating with color,roygbiv,colorized
this wreath is a makeover of a previous wreath project...
last spring, i covered a pool noodle circle with some green gingham fabric.

in about ten minutes, i recently reworked it to become something different
because that's what i do with my decor: rethink it, remake it, reuse it.

with the simple addition of paint chip strips, it brightens up the holiday season!

continue reading for an easy how-to....


sunny paint palette wall art

summer,art class,wall art,color,colorful home,Pantone color of the year,crafting,crafting with kids,DIY,diy decorating,gift wrapping,paper,paper crafts,trash to treasure,tutorial,up-cycling,re-purposing,salvaged,sunshine theme,sunny day crafts,sunny day decor,summer home decor,kids crafts,yellow,Pantone Illuminating yellow,Pantone 2021, summer crafts,summer paper crafts
bored yet?
no, not you - your KIDS!
i know, we're barely into summer vacay. but i know kids!
if you're looking for simple, cheap, 'trash to treasure' craft projects to keep 'em busy,
this post will show kids how to make their OWN sunshine!

last fall, i played around with some of my disposable paper & plastic plate paint palettes
and made paint palette pumpkins (link at end of post)
today i grabbed a few palettes that i've used as i paint all.the.things yellow,
and found ways to turn them into happy sunshine art!

continue reading for a few easy scrap paper crafts to brighten up your days...


scrap paper heart wreath

art,wall art,DIY,diy decorating,paper crafts,paper,vintage paper,Valentine's Day,re-purposing,up-cycling,trash to treasure,wreaths,winter,color,color palettes,colorful home,Pantone color of the year,Illuminating Yellow,Ultimate Gray,Pantone 2021,yellow and gray,hearts, heart decor,decorating with hearts,Valentine's Day decor,Valentine hearts,heart wreath,paper hearts, Disney decor, Disneyland tickets
my penchant for paper often pays off... which is good, because i keep EVERYTHING. 
  old magazines. brochures. cards. shopping bags. even business cards if they're cute!
this past year, i've been a bit better about tearing pages out of mags instead of keeping them.
(i almost broke a drawer in my studio because it was overloaded with heavy magazines.) 

so when my brain comes up with an idea for using said scrap paper
(usually at 3 in the morning)
i have a stash on hand that i can dig into, and it costs me nuthin'.
and you all know how i love making art & decor with everyday stuff!

in December, i shared a wreath like this made from old Christmas cards cut into circles.
this time, i cut paper into heart shapes - you could certainly make a heart-shaped wreath, too!
i even brought out a piece of paper that is one of the most valuable i have:

vintage. Disney. and i CUT IT UP. yeah, call me crazy.
but it's my fave part of this wreath!

continue reading to see how scrap paper becomes art...


paint palette eggs!

art,Easter,spring,painting,DIY,diy decorating,color palettes,colorful home,crafting,crafting with kids,decorating,paper crafts,trash to treasure,easter decorating,easter decor,easter eggs,easter egg painting,paint palette easter eggs,egg painting,diy easter decor,easter basket,easter egg painting tutorial

this one came to me one day while i was going through my bins of spring decor.

back in 2020 i made some simple Easter eggs with varied finishes on them,
and as i saw those in the bin, i realized that their shape was very much like
the paint palettes that artists use... and a new creative idea was born!

...continue reading for this easy project
(and to see what those 'paint palettes' are REALLY made of!)


realistic paper leaf tutorial

fall,paper crafts,paper,DIY,diy decorating,re-purposed,up-cycling,home decor,decorating,fall leaves, paper leaves,autumn leaf craft,paper crafting,tutorial.
dearest readers, i'm not ready for the holidays yet.
i get to this point every year, and struggle with it. why??
i feel like i need to keep up with the popular bloggers and influencers
and start posting holiday / Christmas content earlier every year.
but... i can't do it. i honestly can't. my brain revolts against it.

after spending 45 years as a retail visual merchandiser / designer / stylist
and pushing every season months beforehand,
i want to just enjoy the season i'm IN. that inspires my creativity!
and it's one of the reasons i started this blog a decade ago.

so here we are on November 1st and Deb is not even dipping a toe into Christmas decor.
instead, i'm gonna' share some simple ways to decorate your home this month,
for Thanksgiving, for Friendsgiving, for the fall season. 
because if you're looking at this the way i am, we can just enjoy this month
and the chance to embrace the lovely autumn atmosphere
before the holiday hullaballoo kicks in!

so - grab some scissors, some scrap paper in a color you love, and a branch from your yard,
and let me show you how to craft some pretty paper leaves in a jiffy...


rainbow painted Target trees!

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i'm really having fun this year making current trends my own.
my DIYs fit my style, my color palette, and my budget
but give me all the fun and impact of what's hot this season...

case in point: the current Target Tree Trend.
every account on Insta is showing them.
people are ransacking their local Tarjay store Bullseye's Playground racks to get them.
along with bottle brush trees, these things are a must-have this holiday.
when i first saw them online, i knew EXACTLY what i would do to them if i could find them.

well, i found some. and then, i made them fit my style - with paint, of course.
in a rainbow array of color - of course.
in patterns that replicate paint chips because... it's a theme.

keep reading to see more of them, and what i did with 'em!


diy paper hearts wall art + garland

art,wall art,paper,paper crafts,vintage paper,re-purposing,up-cycling,DIY,diy decorating,color,colorful home,Pantone color of the year,color palettes,Valentine's Day,wreaths,winter,trash to treasure,hearts,valentine hearts,valentine decor,valentines wreath,heart decor,paper hearts,Pantone color of the year 2021,Illuminating Yellow,Ultimate Gray,yellow and gray decorating,yellow and gray palette, vintage Disneyland tickets
the wreath in my last post isn't the only way i am using paper hearts!
the freebie hearts cut from magazine pages and other scrap paper in my studio
have also become wall art and a mantel garland.

this is a really easy way to add a fun seasonal touch to your home
using what you have on hand already
(that's really been my Modus Operandi through this whole pandemic)

continue reading to see how easy it is to make home decor from scrap paper...


paint chip easter eggs - over easy!

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if you've been around here any length of time, 
you know that i like my decorating projects 'fast, cheap, & easy'TM. my trademark phrase.
in this case, the project is 'over easy'! 
yeah, it's a pun, but it's also true - because this is a super-fast craft idea for spring & Easter.
continue reading for the easy how-to and how i've used them...


repurposed Christmas card wreath

Christmas,Christmas Decor,holiday,paper crafts,crafting,dollar store crafts,re-purposing,up-cycling,wreaths,color,colorful home,,DIY,diy decorating,ROYGBIV,trash to treasure,Christmas card crafts,Dollar Tree crafts,Dollar Tree,color palettes,colorful Christmas,color,merry and bright, happy holidays, happy Christmas
one last wreath to share,
and this one's made from something we all have: old Christmas cards!

yep, i'd bet there are a few (dozen) cards stashed in with your holiday decor,
with graphics or photos so cute that you just couldn't toss them out.
this project will get those cards out of the box and up where you can see & enjoy them!

i love projects that make use of simple materials,
and i've always liked pulling out old holiday decorations and enjoying them in 'different' ways.
this combines the two in a simple paper craft.

continue reading for the easy how-to!


fall wreath with scrap paper leaves

wreaths,wall art,up-cycling,trash to treasure,Thanksgiving,seasonal,re-purposed,paper crafts,paper,junk makeover,fall,DIY,diy decorating,crafting,colorful home,fall leaves,fall leaf crafts,fall home decor,fall wreaths,fall mantel decor, paper leaves
here in Southern California, we don't get 'fall leaves'. 
not at my elevation, anyway. up in the mountains it's a bit different.
the leaves down here in the flat desert turn from green to brown in July when the heat hits.
if they aren't blown off of the trees by the Santa Ana winds in September,
they hang on until January when the new leaf buds push them off.

it's harder yet when you've lived somewhere else that actually has a fall season.
i really miss being able to forage the forest for glowing red, orange, and yellow leaves.
since that possibility no longer exists for me,
i had to find another way to express a fall feeling in my home this time of year...
and i found the solution in my recycling bin!

continue reading for a quick tutorial on turning scrap paper into fall leaves - and more!


pop art paper posies!

art,art class,paper,paper crafts,flowers,crafting,crafting with kids,dollar store crafts,diy decorating,DIY,decorating,spring,trash to treasure,spring flowers,spring decorating,pop art,pop art crafts,black and white art,black and white flowers,pop art decor,line art,crafting with paper,spring flower crafts .
a recent creative challenge i am part of called for participants to share
how we've invoked the spirit of spring in our art.
well, my 'art' is craft - using re-purposed, upcycled, re-imagined materials.
and my first response was to think of my paper paint chip daffodils,
so i submitted a photo of those.

then i thought of another idea, and wanted to play with it...
since i love making somethin' outta' nuthin', i chose to use plain cardstock paper!

the result of my afternoon 'playtime with paper, paste and scissors' is something
that reminds me for all the world of pop art, like Andy Warhol's famous pixilated works.
it also makes me think of the art of Sina Trixx, an inventive design firm
(view their astounding pop art architectural creations on Instagram)

can black + white evoke springtime? yes! 
continue reading to see how...


last-minute 'pumpkin party' decor

art,art class,color,color palettes,colorful home,crafting with kids,DIY,diy decorating,dollar store crafts, painting,fall,pumpkins,crafting,Pantone color of the year,embellished pumpkins,pumpkin decorating,decorating with pumpkins,painted pumpkins,ribbon crafts, paper party decor
ever wondered how deb's muses work?
here's an example of the crazy ways things connect in my brain:

while in the process of cleaning up my studio
(an Herculean task, let me tell you....)
i found a plastic bag filled with some yellow paper party supplies
that i had picked up while out thrifting - and promptly forgot about!
the paper goods were immediately removed from the bag,
and tucked into a drawer where i keep all of the scrap paper & magazine tearsheets
so i wouldn't forget about them again - i'm in that drawer at least once a day.

just hours later, i scrolled through social media and saw a photo of a big fat bow,
thought 'that's cute', and kept scrolling. then i stopped.
in my mind, the big fat cute bow merged with the paper party supplies,
and became 'a pumpkin party' in my imagination...
pumpkins bedecked with ribbons and bows in a 'party' setting.

the combination of the two - plus some stickers and more party decor - 
turned out cheerful, happy, and so easy to create
and it took me just minutes to assemble the vignette shown above...
which makes it a PERFECT last minute decor idea,
and a great 'no carve' pumpkin decorating project for kids.

continue reading for the details...


easy no-mess Easter basket grass

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while i have always loved creating holiday decor,
i do have my limits... Easter grass is one of them.

(my theory is it was created by the same people who invented Legos.
to drive parents - specifically the parent who does the cleaning - batty.)

since i hate the mess  of plastic grass strands wrapped around the vacuum bar!!,
i've found other materials to use in Easter baskets that reduce the mess and fuss.
yes, paper shred works - but it's still a mess.

i've found a way to get the same effect as grass
without the resulting mess and cleanup...
and you might be really surprised at how cheap and easy this solution is!

continue reading for my sly little trick (that has an added benefit!)...


fall paper leaf arrangement

seasonal,colorful home,Thanksgiving,diy decorating,up-cycling,trash to treasure,paper,fall,paper crafts,DIY, junk makeover,crafting,wall art,tutorial,re-purposed,fall florals,fall home decor,fall centerpieces.
i've had to get creative to bring a fall feel into my home
(there's not a fall leaf in sight outside and it's still in the 90's... sigh)
but i've managed to find a way! it's PAPER!

some of the leaves from the wreath in my last post joined with new ones
along with faux florals + leaves and a branch from my backyard tree
to create this lovely fall arrangement.
it's easy-peasy AND it won't fall apart! (hah. pun not intended)

continue reading for more details...


fabulous faux mantel & logs

Christmas,Christmas Decor,boho style,farmhouse style,rustic style,paper,paper crafts,crafting,dollar store crafts,re-purposing,up-cycling,trash to treasure,woodcrafts,furniture,holiday,winter,DIY,diy decorating,diy home decor,diy projects,salvaged wood projects,Christmas frieplace mantel, faux woodgrain, faux wood,faux fireplace,fake fireplace decor,home decor,make it yourself, use what you have,Christmas decorating,holiday decor,holiday decorating,make a fake fireplace with fake wood logs
before i ever began concepting or creating this years' holiday decor,
i decided that it was finally time to create a prop that i've longed for:
a fireplace mantel.

we don't have one - ours is just a Craftsman--style cabinet with a faux electric fireplace in it.
it's very nice, but it has no mantel. and hanging above it is a television.
not exactly picturesque.

wanting a setting that would work as a backdrop to my holiday decor content,
i looked at what i had already, and came up with a plan...
my faux fireplace mantel would live in my studio/office,
providing easy access for setups and the best light to be had around here.

scraps of wood from the garage made easy work of it,
and they will come apart easily when i decide it has served its purpose.
that's my kind of decorating!

continue reading to see details - AND how to make those fab faux logs!


May flowers: daffodil, daisy & dandelion

.flowers,art,wreaths,art challenge,diy decorating,up-cycling,spring,trash to treasure,re-purposing,paper crafts,painting,DIY,crafting,Instagram,art class,creativity,garden art,tutorial,diy flowers, arts & crafts, May flowers, May flower challenge

D is for daffodil, daisy, and dandelion!
(and a bunch more, like delphinium and dahlia and daphne)

continuing with the May Month of Flowers art challenge,
i've shared those three on Instagram on May 4 / day 4 / letter D -
and thought i'd share them here, as well!
several are older projects, and a few are brand new - created just for this challenge.

continue reading to see them all and learn how i made them...


faux 'kintsugi' pumpkins

coastal style,beach style,decorating,vintage style,farmhouse style,Glass Globe Pumpkins,thrifted,diy decorating,re-purposing,pumpkins,white,fall,DIY,vintage,boho style,neutrals,painting,faux finish, pumpkin decor, decorating with pumpkins, diy pumpkins,glass globe pumpkins,glass pumpkins,fall home decor,farmhouse decor,boho chic home decor,boho chic fall decor
i am always amazed by how my creative muses get my attention!
after bumping a vase and having it crash to the floor (ending up in tiny pieces),
an ancient art form came to my mind.

the 15th-Century practice of kintsugi, meaning ' to join with gold ',
is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by re-joining broken parts
with lacquer that has been mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum.
the result is an elegant art form,
making the vessel stronger and more valuable than it was before breaking.

here at homewardFOUND, re-purposing and upcycling old, used, cast-off items 
is my way of embracing the same philosophy - and applying it to home decor.
giving things a second chance, a new purpose, is not only budget-friendly and 'green',
but immensely satisfying from a creative standpoint.

i've applied the kintsugi aesthetic to these pumpkins for fall decorating,
and i love the way an age-old art can look so fresh and contemporary!

continue reading to see how easily you can achieve this look, too...